Twittelator — the Packrat of iPod Touch Twitter Apps

If you want to have all imagineable settings and feature for an iPod touch Twitter application, then twittelator is for you. Just looking at their application settings, the only lacking there is can opener and a TV tuner and you can brat mcgyver already.

To create a reply or a new tweet. you are presented with all imaginable features. It seems thy the world will end if they are not splashed in front of your face.

And, their More is definitely mooorrreee.

You have 101 options to do with a link — including ‘go back’ and ‘cancel.’ In case you do not know ‘go back,’ here is ‘cancel’ for you.

If you think, you still do not get your money’s worth, do not worry, here are more third party services for you to indulge yourself on.

Tweet Blocker is actually a nifty feature. But on the other thought, I’d rather unfollow someone instead of using the tweet blocker. This kinda reminds me of ‘stealth mode’ in IMs.

Twittelator is the OC packrat!

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