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  • 01:15:33: RT @pamslim: RT @chrisguillebeau: “Better to be a failure at something you love than a success at something you hate.” – George Burns
  • 03:03:01: From Twitter 03-10-2010:
  • 08:21:51: gud am,cat. kbawo ka tambal sore eyes para bata?
  • 09:48:19: RT @SantDeblois19: Education is like hiring a prostitute- You offer money plus hard work to achieve your goal.
  • 09:55:14: .RT @markjeee: RT @codinghorror: rt @slashdot: Study Shows TV Makes Kids Fat, Computers Don’t ^MJ
  • 10:00:49: Eeekkk wrong sent RT @owrange: gud am,cat. kbawo ka tambal sore eyes para bata?
  • 10:14:09: – Mati on a crying fits,wants to go with @markjeee off to work.
  • 10:19:17: RT @MartyMobile: The solution to deteriorating mobile telephone service is NOT more spectrum; it’s using existing spectrum efficiently! …
  • 10:22:09: @chette And up to 20 lists only.
  • 10:32:30: RT @bakadesuyo: RT @wootz_steel Dan Ariely on how the tests doctors order for patients might be a default response
  • 10:32:58: @markjeee RT @bakadesuyo: RT @wootz_steel Dan Ariely on how the tests doctors order 4 patients might b default response
  • 11:44:05: Trying the new updated foursquare. It’s ohkayyy
  • 12:09:38: The Color War of Location-Based Apps – foursquare vs gowall:
  • 12:09:54: @dronthego The colors.=) hehe grabe check-ins mo.kainggit!
  • 13:10:23: @koontz_circle Try to log ur running activities =) or ur using something already?
  • 13:12:55: @mflorgarcia Naunsa diay si hiro,flor?
  • 13:13:35: RT @rosa: Scientific examination has found that as use of porn increases, rate of sex crimes goes down. Means porn=good?
  • 13:27:25: – the clear blue sky is sooo prettyyy.only if it’s not that initttttt!
  • 13:27:35: Going to fooda later for some chowking halohalo. It’s sooo getting summerrrr already!
  • 13:41:27: Formspring Me:
  • 13:43:30: @koontz_circle Add me nya.i’m owrange still.but i don’t run so my acct is empty.
  • 13:53:59: User interface standards – bcoz i dig old school!
  • 14:25:52: Unsa may top10? Chisms RT @catingg: a million thoughts running through my mind…
  • 14:41:50: @catingg Di man seguro na matters of d heart. Mo larga ka?
  • 15:51:40: @catingg Magminyo na mo? Weee =)
  • 17:48:57: @catingg Sige lang,d best part comes aftr d war =) kiss&makeup to d highest level.
  • 18:01:04: back from (@ fooda hypermart)
  • 18:05:40: Love these =) RT @ohgelie: Conversations and coffee. The essence of being bored.
  • 18:06:29: @ohgelie Love ur headshot. sa london pa na?
  • 18:14:48: Wow!domain queen! RT @JanineXD: sold :( sad to see it go. but im pretty sure the new owner will take care of it!
  • 18:15:39: Bring it on=) RT @a4agarwal: Man, we have some really, really exciting stuff coming out over the next month. competitors beware :)
  • 18:27:10: @miggelofthedark i’m no @tweetitow’s creator.=) thanks anyhoo =)
  • 18:29:34: @miggelofthedark @markjeee =)
  • 18:38:57: @miggelofthedark I do d talking for @tweetitow that’s why stimes they mistake me as d ‘creator.’but what matters most naman r u & d rest =)
  • 19:03:32: @markjeee looky big fishy dinner. =) –
  • 19:58:04: Done w/ Nielsen book. Should I go for gladwell or that technical book…
  • 22:13:40: ‘Achievement is talent plus preparation.’ -outliers. Me – i got achievement now i need to look for my talent & preparation =))) #fb

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