From Twitter 03-13-2010

  • 03:03:51: From Twitter 03-12-2010:
  • 10:58:52: @seppallera Owww.point noted. Thanks for d feedback =)
  • 11:05:59: Off to get some dibidi
  • 11:34:29: Will compilation of TED videos sell as dibidi dibidi?
  • 12:56:39: .RT @smashingmag: rapportive: a simple social CRM tool built into Gmail –
  • 13:19:34: .RT @joshtadena: @owrange I’ll be tweeting live updates of Pacquiao vs. Clottey tomorrow via @tweetitow! Follow me! :)
  • 14:07:39: @Ohkymastrid how is he related to that wolfgang guy, basti?
  • 15:02:59: Done w/ outliers.thinking of my outlier.
  • 15:03:07: Done w/ outliers.thinking of my outlier.:
  • 15:04:29: Linchpin or web design navigation. not that really hard to decide =) i’m off for some pop books.
  • 17:48:27: Wiiiiiiiii =) RT @poorboymark: Today is buy your wife a wii day. #fb
  • 17:50:54: @ennui1981 Was buying pirated vids for d kids ganiha.they hav discovery cds man gud.i was thinking,how abt ted videos. =)
  • 19:57:11: Fun RT @janole: Argh! Signing up for a account requires you to enter a CAPTCHA – in Chinese letters … :-)
  • 19:59:39: u’r pretty =) RT @chezca_xoxo: – hehe…i’m bored….
  • 20:30:54: Haha meanie=)why n mall? RT @janzukato: Literally they are all over the place wandering around like lost villagers from the mountains. Ugh!
  • 21:23:20: Godaddy — a iPod touch application for domain hoarder:
  • 21:46:41: iPod Touch Applications For Blogging:
  • 21:58:51: By monday, i’l b a marketing agent. Gotta toughen my balls for that role =)
  • 22:13:05: @jeelchristine @ohgelie @kricket_rc234 tenchu’s not really a new job.more of an odd job nobody wants to take so i hav to do it.=)
  • 22:19:25: Start of d marketing na ni.yes.d most exciting app to happen n d worldwideweb =) RT @fredbaa: @owrange Weeh! For the wakulu?
  • 22:19:47: @fredbaa Bitaw ako ra gi appoint ako self. =)
  • 22:24:09: @janzukato Same here but i’m no boxing fan so.
  • 22:27:48: Me! =) RT @jonathanfields: Morning, friends! Who can I help today?
  • 22:29:02: Clottey kinda sound clitoris =)
  • 22:29:36: #Pacman beats clitoris =)
  • 22:30:15: .RT @orasid: is my newest blog. :)
  • 22:44:11: Mapapasarap pati viewers.censord RT @AllenYu26 haha! natawa naman ako dun! so kung ganun, manny should lick him. wahahaha! masyadong green.
  • 22:44:48: Super richness jud imo president RT @janzukato: Whoah! Presidential candidate manny villar has a new song on his latest TVC!
  • 22:45:41: Upload mo? RT @ohgelie: I’m getting the goosebumps. Watching our old dance vids from college. Lol!
  • 22:46:18: Shareeee! =) RT @wltrkrkat: I have something for you :) @lindtdale

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