iPod Touch Applications For Blogging

Most of the time, I used BlogPress. It can post to different blogging platforms like -wordpress, blogger, joomla, drupal, livejournal, typepad, etc. The thing I don’t like with blogpress is I cannot add multiple accounts for 1 blogging platform. For example, I can only add 1 wordpress site for wordpress.

Thus, I also have wordpress iPod application. I can add multiple wordpress accounts to it.

I also have the Blogpress Lite for blogger, which claims they are the official google’s blogger iPod touch/iPhone app.

I also use picposterous of posterous. This is more of a picture poster so I rarely I use it. But I like posterous.

I also have tumblr iPod touch app. I’m no tumblr fan. But I use it to crosspost from ‘instapaper’ because it’s the only blogging platform integrated to instapaper.

I also have livejournal. I don’t use it though. I don’t use my livejournal account.

Also, the most trusty — Notes and the Email application. I use them for multipy posting. Gaaahh, multiply is outdated. But I love that old guy.

Note & Sketch

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  1. PurpleRose

    thanks for sharing this! very helpful! two thumbs up! :)