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  • 03:02:23: From Twitter 03-18-2010:
  • 11:23:06: Interaction design is inherently humanistic enterprise.-about face
  • 11:58:52: Bellelly – neative rating iPod touch application:
  • 13:32:26: I should hav read 1st ‘about face 3.’ i now feel like i was beating arnd the bush when i started w/ other books. Anyhoo,nothing wasted.
  • 17:26:25: @wandering_eneri u stil hav credits.kindly go online so u can rv dm/mentions
  • 19:45:34: Goal-directed design vs task-centric. So I’m now into goal-centric. I lurve gibberish terms. They make me feel so smart-ass.
  • 19:50:01: Want to go back to school,retake major psychology subjects — behavioral,cognitive/perception,language,statistics,Filipino psych!
  • 19:52:49: Activity theory — understanding who people are by understanding how they interact with the world.
  • 19:59:17: Yes =) RT @wandering_eneri i do?
  • 20:08:04: Promise to post online every after chapter done =) re about face
  • 20:08:19: i’m sleepyyyy now

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