human factor as a last thought in creating product

I’m currently reading ‘the design of everyday things’ and ‘about face 3’ – jumping from one book to another. It shows how important the role of human psychology in the process of creating products, or even before you create your products. But when we look at how products/ideas or created, the human factor is an after thought, or not even considered. Or, if ever it is considered, it’s an unconscious decision.

Observing a few tech start-up enthusiasts, you’d hear their main concerns would be:

  • financial concerns – where to get money/investors
  • what technology to use
  • what product to make that will be a hit
    Of course, you are considering the human side of these but it’s mostly directed at the human who is you – what can i get, what can i benefit, is it worth my time, is this not much risk from me, will i not look stupid doing this? I think I am getting out of the topic.

But the point of the books is that when you create a product – you should look at what users’/humans’ goal you want to answer. And, sometime we interchange goals with tasks/actions. Goals rarely change, but tasks/actions to reach a goal will change a lot, or one can take different route/tasks to achieve a goal.

To cut this story short, worry first about the users’ goal your product/service wants to answer, everything will follow – that is if you figured out the human’s psych. Goodluck to making sense of human’s irrationality!

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