From Twitter 04-04-2010

  • 03:02:08: From Twitter 04-03-2010:
  • 07:57:56: @crapistheword Yes.@tweetitow s down.we just remember that building has maintenance ystrday,they put down d power.we’r not n d city now.
  • 07:59:11: @sauldejesus @bambiarias sorry.late reply.was fasting frm twitter. @tweetitow s down.we forgot may maintenance ystrday ang bldg.
  • 07:59:21: @haroldjames1988 Yes.@tweetitow s down.we just remember that building has maintenance ystrday,they put down d power.we’r not n d city now.
  • 07:59:50: @LasagnaSurfer Weeh.thanks.down pa si @tweetitow. Tomorrow.i’m still n badian.
  • 19:11:25: i will get an ipad instead of kindle… next year. =) i just wonder how its batt life fares.
  • 19:13:38: happy easter, evwybody!!!
  • 20:31:52: @supergoddess21 igo malimot ko. haron di ko kapalit. hehe
  • 20:32:30: Meron namang Kindle for iPad, hehe. /via @sauldejesus -> that’s why.
  • 20:33:34: @Kimeh yes.since yestrday.
  • 20:34:19: @Janzukato di ko sure. we’ll see. owkei ra man seguro di mag /on
  • 20:37:50: So you want to learn SEO? Ask Me? for Free Tutorials, Cheers! /via @johnarcews
  • 20:39:03: yo, @tweetitow should be up now. only incoming tweets for now, online sessions will be available in a short while. ^MJ /via @tweetitow
  • 20:45:08: @sauldejesus welcome. but it’s @markjeee who actually works on @tweetitow. =) i dunno much about it.
  • 20:46:34: @LasagnaSurfer it’s back na i think.nag maintenance gahapon ang tgu bldg,off nila ang power so na off sad si @tweetitow
  • 20:49:26: @ohgelie coz PH is nearer to kpop than uk?? =)
  • 20:50:25: reading @ohgelie’s tweet makes me want get some sbux too!!! tomorrow, i’l get some!!!
  • 20:51:48: @LasagnaSurfer delayed earth hour. timing pa jud wa mi syudad.
  • 20:52:40: Any news on its SRP here? /via @sauldejesus -> idea. =(
  • 21:11:06: @janzukato @sauldejesus aacckk.i’ll wait for d price to go down, wayyy downnn.
  • 21:11:57: @sauldejesus no need to follow him. di man yun nag update always.
  • 21:13:25: @LasagnaSurfer kahilak ta popcorn. basin ma down na jud @tweetitow w/ the additional traffix frm ur site.
  • 21:14:37: @ohgelie ay wala pa sa iloilo.but i think bacolod balik mo,baka ara na sbux. =)
  • 21:15:10: funny. i’m tweeting again aftr d fasting.
  • 21:17:22: monday’s gonna b a full day.some rethinking abt d product – pushing or not for d friday beta release?& how to go abt doing it again.
  • 21:23:34: @tonethski happy easter to u and paolove. =)

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