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This has been in my mind for some time about having some one on board to take care of the community of @tweetitow. I’ve been doing it in the side, and things get busier on my end lately, a lot of little things for @tweetitow has not been taken cared of. Though, I’m thankful that it has a life of its own now — users helping each other out, and engaging with one another. But I guess it will be nice to have some one to be actively connecting with the different groups of users. I say groups because members of @tweetitow community usually come in and are clustered by group — there are the RX fans, the archuleta fans, the cooks fans, the celebrity fans, the bieber fans, the kpop fans, the jabawookeez(sp?) fans, some political groups, the usual groups of barkadas/closed friends, there are those who just want to try it once & gone then come back, and others, sorry if i failed to mention you. It will be nice to be in touch with them, and hope to know them on a deeper level – more than the 140char. LEARN from the community because there are a lot of things we need to know. So the community relationship builder should be someone who can touchdown with different types of personality — from bieber fans to politically-inclined people. And, honestly, that’s not me. I’m way too old for bieber screaming fans, and too socially unaware for the cause-oriented people.

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  1. OK nice to see- useful blogs are always sweet! Blessings.