From Twitter 04-10-2010

  • 03:03:15: From Twitter 04-09-2010:
  • 07:38:40: The big Twitter redesign! A sneak peek posted by @stop on dribbble: /via @iA
  • 09:41:30: tweetie is acquired by twitter. can i get refund? i got to 2 tweetie – 1&2.
  • 09:42:42: RT @adders: RT @mathewi: Twitter has acquired Tweetie — and will rename it Twitter for iPhone and offer it free. I want a refund! htt …
  • 09:47:27: Ate Rose, did you buy the Philippine Internet Review? :D /via @Kimeh -> it frm @digitalfilipino
  • 10:04:55: Apple’s Tightening Grip: This Could Be Android’s Big Chance /via @rukku -> agree
  • 10:05:59: Twitter launched their own blackberry app with RIM /via @jowyang -> woow.twitter getting aggressive
  • 10:07:03: twitter got tweetie, will be making 1 for blackberry. @twitter should go for @janole’s gravity for symbian =))))
  • 10:07:47: A model scout approached me via fb if i do modeling and maybe i could join them. and OMG i even saw stephanie sol /via @jovrien -> wooottyyy
  • 10:16:27: it takes 10k hours to b great w/c s arnd 10years.internet n PH is just over 10yrs(frm @digitalfilipino),this means it’s now time to b great.
  • 10:56:10: FREE Unli Surf on Apr 16 only fr SMART Buddy
  • 10:56:14: FREE Unli Surf on Apr 16 only fr SMART Buddy:
  • 10:57:01: @talk2GLOBE thanks but i dont have any issues w/ globe. I love Globe =)
  • 10:59:01: @wandering_eneri Mmm.i can’t know d reason why right away.but r ur msgs does not exceed 140char?
  • 11:03:40: @Kimeh It’s not actually a book.more of like a magazine has a free u can try to check on it 1st.=)
  • 11:07:18: @Kimeh Arrghh.forgot.but u can check or try to ask @digitalfilipino =)
  • 11:16:22: @wandering_eneri But u did not change ur password right? Can u pls try to reg again for d last time and let’s see how it goes? Thanks thanks
  • 11:17:32: Need to rework my brain, hav to get into more serious issues like health. Need to repackage myself. =)
  • 11:21:07: @cSevZone credits r automatically set to 50 daily arnd 8am. i dont manuallysend out credits. thanks
  • 11:36:04: @cSevZone U can send /credits to check ur credits. No text msg s sent when credits s set to 50 @ 8am.
  • 11:38:37: @wandering_eneri Pls try sending a text now to d gateway #,& see f it gets posted. Thanks
  • 11:39:21: @cSevZone U can also check help page of to know more details abt credits & receiving updates thanks
  • 11:47:31: there is the block option.u got me at the wrong time.i’m in total bad mood.
  • 11:52:45: @joshtadena bye2x na ako dyan.i’m for and of @jensmccabe.i think u can relate to this coz u’r a healthfreak
  • 12:02:31: lot of thoughts in my mind, and i don’t know how to sort them out. i badly need to pray. off now.
  • 12:42:44: @wandering_eneri I dont see it posted on ur timeline.i need @markjeee to look into d logs for that to see f there’s an error or sthing.
  • 14:05:50: @LasagnaSurfer isn’t chowking beside kfc in ayala?
  • 14:11:05: @jboygonzalessj u Rock, father twitter!!! =)
  • 15:11:48: @LasagnaSurfer unsa nga icecream house imo review? ice castle???
  • 15:17:33: totally feeling LOST. =( i hate my being indecisiveness, & all that. bye twitter for now
  • 15:33:07: – I’m here again showing off my nescafe mocha. =) i’m paralyzed today.
  • 16:46:56: @jovrien @janzukato @haroldjames1988 @cutielyz @carmidimple do d numbers reflect age? Kay medyo obvious kinsa ang antique.
  • 20:50:05: @haroldjames1988 Daghan callcenters =) unsa diay imo ganahan nga kind of job?
  • 20:55:12: @joshtadena Go to ‘add account’ sa dashboard.but i don’t check in to foursquare via gravity. I check in via d mobile browser.
  • 20:56:59: @joshtadena @tonethski i really can’t figure out how to send d file frm my phone.DI nyo pa rin ma work copy nyo?i can ask another friend

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