Gowee Dox — App Project by Codrschool Intern 2010

A very interesting application, well for me who has been writing web application tutorials for like years. 

What will happen is that, you can view your web site or application from the Gowee Dox.

The different buttons or areas of your site or application can be tagged by you. When a user click on the tag, the tutorial or the help text about that ‘button or area’ will display on the right side of the window.

So it is like a help manual embedded right into you web application. Cool! It makes me shiver.

This is still under development by the CodrSchool 2010 Interns:

Incoming 4th year CS students: 

El Parac

Louella Villamora

Jose Nelson Rosos

Edson Paul Semorio


Eugene Busico

Deep Xavier Duites

Jj Lumagbas



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