abtests.com and being a packrat

I had fun going through some ‘case studies’ posted on abtests.com site. It’s the before and after site, and how the changes affect ‘conversion’ rate to their site. So following are quick stuff I learn from it, which I’m not sure if they really make sense:

  • FREE — almost all samples showed that put FREE on your site, and it will surely drive up your conversion rate. It shows that being a free loader is something genetically ingrained to us, humans.
  • Bullet form — is better than essay form. Probably, people can quickly scan if you put your points in bullets.
  • Video — A demo video has higher conversion rate than using still pictures. Something new for me because I hate videos. I prefer still pictures.
  • RED — using red for your submit/join button has more positive impact than using green.
  • 3D image — has better impact than flat image

I did some quick rundown of @tweetitow ‘workflow’ and such, whatever term you call it. And, it looks like I packed it with all the features I can think of. It needs to be stripped off. Really, this is not my talent. The drafts all look painful.

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