is ‘start-up’ something on a personal level?

Definition of ‘start-up’ may differ from one start-up to another. But for me, the different ‘start-up’ mark had been involved with were always like on a personal level. I guess that’s one of the things that make start-up fun and special.

It’s about friends in the start. Then, whoever came in at the later part always become friends on a more personal level.

Another thing is that somehow you cannot separate the ‘work’ time and personal/family time. Like this time, on a father’s day, mark has to leave home and go to @tweetitow to turn it on back. This is something you probably will not do in a corporate setting. Correct me if i’m wrong.

Thus sometimes, anything bad thrown at @tweetitow can hit me on a personal level. And, it can be bad because I sometimes cannot control myself and react on a personal level too. But, I am learning, and is now cool with it – shit happens, ya know.

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