AppLab — an Initiative of the Grameen Foundation [MoTech Ghana]

MoTeCH seeks to alter this dynamic by enabling the delivery of relevant and actionable information over mobile phones. Pregnant women will register by providing their phone number, the name of the area in which they live, their estimated due date, and their language preference. They will then begin receiving SMS and/or voice messages that provide information about their pregnancy (e.g., milestones in fetal development), the location of the closest health facility, and specific treatments that they should receive during their pregnancy (e.g., tetanus vaccination).

Some of the messages the woman receives will be specifically relevant to her history of receiving antenatal care. For example, someone who has not received a tetanus vaccination will receive a message specifically about the importance of tetanus immunization. Services will also be created that allow an expectant mother to send health related questions via SMS and receive an automated response that is relevant to their question. Once her child is born, the mother will receive messages and information about essential vaccinations for her child and how to manage critical childhood illnesses.

Information, information, information.

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