From Twitter 08-01-2010

  • 00:08:08: rose buenconsejo: via @addthis
  • 08:20:34: Ohmy, august na diay! it’s migi’s birthday.then, ‘ber w/c is meg’s bday, then nanay/@markjeee’s bday month.birthday series
  • 08:25:33: Pls visit my Pinoy Romance eNovel Shop All stuff for free =)
  • 08:26:43: Why dress up when best things r done undress? Hehe RT @czarinamaye: RT @FASY0NISTA: What to wear for anniversary date later? ♥
  • 08:43:40: – Dead serious with starcraft 2. @markjeee. annoyingggg s2!!!
  • 08:52:15: @trubloodedpinay =) thanks. malaki ang pangangailangan hehe
  • 09:00:33: Pls check help page of or my profile page @SteAnez: @tweetitow, HEy! How can I tweet using API?!
  • 09:13:31: Aarrggghhh. All ATMs are down. Forgot it’s payday ystrday.
  • 11:11:30: Ateneo de cebu na diay jud ang sacred heart – weird lang.
  • 11:14:16: @Shezzie11 The boys high, sHez. Pero co-ed na sila di ba.
  • 11:15:41: @YanieeMarie Happy birthday, much-loved-by-yanie @supermartiin
  • 11:20:05: @dronthego Obsessed with?
  • 11:21:59: Friend japon ta ha bsan wa koy dagan2x @koontz_circle: Adding friends on, most of them are Cebuano runners. I feel motivated.
  • 11:41:04: @benjflores U frm cebu?
  • 11:41:47: @i_lucrie_p lagi,atenista na ka. Thanks for reading.change career nako =)
  • 12:12:00: saw an interview q frm inquirer: ‘I-phone, mobile phone, or blackberry?’ ->WTP.aren’t iphone & bb mobile phones?
  • 16:58:43: I think twitter s back?
  • 16:58:53: I guess twitter is really overcapacitated – can’t access it via gravity & ubertwitter.
  • 17:01:50: Hope’s @tweetitow can wiggle his way thru overcapacity-ness =)
  • 17:08:56: Twitter’s acting up?
  • 17:15:25: @cecilleannec @marifatweets yes, it’s back na. =)
  • 17:19:54: @chuckdreyfus Ako sweaty palms kasi for sure uulan ng complaints later kung nasaan na mga tweets nila. Hehe
  • 17:40:11: .@markjeee talking at me abt Distributed parallel computing.& really i hav to look interested.
  • 20:36:05: @Talk2GLOBE #MySuper1 is @owrange myself. RT this and get a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S!
  • 20:37:59: Tired na frm d weekend.can’t wait for the kids to zzzzzz so i can also zzzzzzzz.
  • 20:56:26: Ganun ba?We’ll see wat we can d abt it.thanks RT @sondjapao i do hope u support plurk too,cause via posterous to plurk smtyms doesnt show up
  • 21:40:16: @iHeartDee14 good night =)
  • 21:44:42: @firedancer67 @karenei weeehhh ulan diri lacion

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