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  • 00:09:30: @RaymondMD wow.if u need volunteers here,i’d like to.thanks
  • 09:13:39: Or else mama will?? Hehe RT @ThereseHabana: PLEASE STOP CRYING! PLEASE!
  • 09:14:11: RT @dronthego: A few minutes after John Lloyd Cruz decided to go for Sun, Globe called to advise that the contract is already prepared. …
  • 09:30:07: Last day of diy havaianas at sm.thinking of going coz i think people are no longer crazy w/ havs so wala’y linya. Hehe
  • 09:31:10: RT @altjess: Desires are never satisfied, because once they are, they cease to be desires. – @paulocoelho
  • 09:40:56: sthing i learn again today:in explaining – give brief answer.if probe,then give details.not d other way arnd.don’t detail overload
  • 09:42:34: so ff’ers can b bought? RT @rww: Twitter to Require Password Reset for Those Who Bought Followers
  • 09:48:03: f u havnt,try check ‘free’ book by chris anderson. RT @kitsumabat: #MI295 @amarcelo is there any other business model than “free” service?
  • 09:48:59: @kitsumabat Freemium business model @amarcelo
  • 12:21:28: @altjess thanks. kilig naman tayo dyan =)
  • 13:06:57: funny but every time i want to know more about someone, i’d always google for their twitter profile.
  • 13:42:12: my geek definition
  • 13:53:00: How to get a geek programmer’s attention?
  • 15:05:40: Pulling in over 3 thousand Participants for the Mandaue Run for Life. Are you one of them?
  • 15:10:16: @AllenYu26 some.i get sad pag wala sila sa twitter. haha. ang L ko.
  • 15:17:48: @superpaul kuyawag headshot ah. lagi,late kaayo ko nagshare.inyo himoon ang site to an app?where runners can post running event?
  • 15:18:35: @AllenYu26 wala na ang fb ko eh.=(
  • 15:24:39: @cecilleannec let’s ask @superpaul. aha na daw ang result? hehe
  • 15:25:08: @superpaul what’s PR?
  • 15:25:42: @AllenYu26 para maging unique ako. haha. wala lang trip lang.
  • 15:30:57: @superpaul haha.wa ko followers ba.90% of those kay spambots.
  • 15:33:17: follow @superpaul — the runner hacker who will build an organic dailymile version — Let’s Run for Life! & he’s looking!
  • 15:38:54: @cecilleannec @superpaul kaila na mo 2 ba? =) he’s building the web app ata.sakto ba,paul?
  • 15:59:28: @superpaul si @cecilleannec man nag ask.=) aha na daw inyo result?
  • 16:00:32: @superpaul @michaxze @thegirlette interviewhon nya ta mo ha sa akong founders at work =)
  • 16:23:33: Hi.sige connect ta,gwapo man ka.hehe RT @J3SSL33 Found you from @superpaul’s tweet. Would love to connect with fellow Cebuano-bloggers.
  • 16:25:56: What r u? Great Lover? =) RT @superpaul: im not a hacker how could you!!!
  • 16:55:50: @leahdoris pink Nokia C3 phone. Delish. –
  • 17:07:35: Looking at @leahdoris twitter timeline,i realized how much of a tweet flooder i am. Now i am conscious. =)
  • 17:18:15: Globe Unli MMS:
  • 18:40:22: @ragenstevart I guess if u’d see the tweets of a person,it’s like u hav a glimpse of how she/he is personally. or it’s just me.
  • 18:40:39: @chuckdreyfus No. =( on my wishlist though
  • 21:27:44: @ohgelie F she’s globe,she can reg to any 0905-3042534 & 0927-404-1751.
  • 21:34:59: @Chungho9091 No more w/ sun.we stop it a long time ago.
  • 21:48:38: @Chungho9091 Dm u

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