I wanna see Bada & MeeGo! =)

Bada = A-

Samsung’s Bada did a remarkable launch, reporting more than a million Samsung Wave phones sold using hte Bada OS, in Q2. This is the most impressive new OS launch since the iPhone in 2007. The growth is strong and Samsung is rapidly rolling Bada out to all major markets as its low cost offer with Android based Galaxy smartphones as Samsung’s premium product. The big problem Bada has is that it does not have other phone makers signed up to support the platform, but there is time for Samsung to recruit some. The OS is literally one quarter old so far. The start has been most impressive.

Palm WebOS = D-

HP bought Palm but didn’t then do anything significant with it. What was once cutting edge, is becoming duller by the day and HP seems very confused what it wants out of Palm. Is it a business solution or a consumer offering. So far HP’s stewardship of Palm has been bordering on failure. And this is the hottest time in smartphones, there is no time to waste now.

Phone 7 = B-

Microsoft’s Phone 7 transition from Windows Mobile was clumsy and left many developers out in the cold. Meanwhile the brief Kin project confused matters. And in the migration of the family from the outdated Windows Mobile platform to the modern Phone 7, has lost Microsoft at least one of its biggest traditional supporters, Motorola. So the Phone 7 family is surprisingly weak, led by Samsung (who has clearly bigger interests in its own OS of Bada), HTC and LG, and then non-phone makers like PC vendor Dell. We have not seen any Phone 7 smartphones yet, but the first will be launched before the end of the year.

MeeGo (and ex Maemo) = B

not a bad rate

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