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  • 00:21:06: — i sooo heart you. import from google docs is just sweet. =)
  • 00:46:36: added my 1st ‘graphic’ lit “til debt do us part” Pinoy Romance eNovel Shop pls drop by — all stuff for free. thanks
  • 00:48:11: “‘Til Debt Do Us Part” on Scribd #Readcast
  • 01:05:28: @HOTSPICYKIMCHI thanks. =) desperate thus free hehe
  • 01:06:19: @boozaub my another personality nagsulat ana, brot =)
  • 01:07:31: the night is cold and sweet =) mura’g christmas is in the air na.
  • 01:11:32: Nag moist ang screen sa ako ngano? Gitugnaw?
  • 09:21:52: @boozaub Haha, brot. Karon ra ko ka gets.
  • 09:23:08: cebu is on holiday today!
  • 09:31:57: Miguel buenconsejo
  • 09:47:13: @J3SSL33 mmmm.di ko sure.but i know there’s another 1 coming. =))) dugay na ka japan?
  • 09:49:19: – kamote/pansit para pamahaw =)
  • 10:15:16: @J3SSL33 Oy muse man ko. =)hehe pasalubong na lang nya ako – seaweed. =)
  • 10:32:24: @AllenYu26 Nasa canada ka na kasi that’s why malapit ka na ni justin beber
  • 10:34:38: grammar police RT @iA: Dear Twitter, the German in me bets 1 Million Ducats that it’s “WHOM to follow” not “who to follow”. @ev @vl @stop
  • 10:39:47: .RT @ssowy: I plan to source generic iPad camera connection kits. Would you buy one at P1,400?
  • 10:42:43: Weeehhh. RT @janzukato: I’m a symbian hardcore fan! But I’m curious what android phones are capable of.
  • 10:51:14: Wala ‘in your eyes’ =) RT @ericzoo: list of coming soon movies at the local mall’s website.
  • 10:52:31: Hi pinsan =))) RT @ariannechan: Bago lang nahuman mag-harvest ug rambutan ug lansones para ipadala sa mga pinsan sa Cebu :D
  • 11:13:16: @janzukato I think ang browser ata sa droid ang murag ila killer.basta i find it clunky.hehe but naa man barato ra ga droid
  • 12:22:26: @janzukato Mo work pa tong imong ‘mobile’ net?
  • 12:27:49: Will try opera mini again per @janzukato’s likes
  • 13:27:42: .RT @ariannechan: Lol @ Mum: “bago to iyang phone mao siguro nakipag-bulls eye na to sa iyang ka-textmate..” :))
  • 13:41:39: RT @markjeee: @paologlim it’s called victim mindset. they believe they’re a victim of circumstance, that whatever they believe, will jus …
  • 13:44:57: @firedancer67 Ang webpage gikapoy na nimo. Hehe
  • 13:46:52: Do i really like to track my kids? RT @newsycombinator Whereoscope Gives Parents A Way To Track Where Their Kids Are
  • 14:00:52: @ariannechan Lahi tood na ganahan si @koontz_circle =)))
  • 14:12:02: After ’til debt do us part,’ i want to try writing a gay love story.but how do gays fall inlove?
  • 15:10:34: Brewedcast or @tweetitow???? Can only pursue 1. =I
  • 15:13:26: RT @markjeee: Girls should pick boys who don’t have time for them or aren’t looking; means they’re doing something worthwhile, like savi …
  • 17:07:23: RT @Jesse: Who has more influence? Someone who builds their audience organically or someone who buys them with a free iPad offer?
  • 17:26:41: I made my daughter a dotcom for her artsyfartsy stuff =)))
  • 19:29:12: nyay. 13yrs ago, i took that exam.RT @katt15: Good Luck SENIORS! :) UPCAT tomorrow :P
  • 19:41:39: & forn? Hehe RT @LasagnaSurfer: Hungit Cebu is not just about food, we also have NEWS going on.
  • 19:43:06: It’s R18.not 4u.17 pa man ka =) RT @ragenstevart u need to let us read it:-)xx i love the title ’till debt do us part’ haha:-)
  • 19:45:49: @katt15 Forgot na. Goodluck. &,i wish u a cute seatmate para inspired =)
  • 19:46:57: Smartyfarty
  • 19:52:34: U know that feeling that some1 has done nothing wrong on u but dili lang jud nimo sila feel.& kaatubang nako sya ron. Ggrrrr.
  • 20:01:44: @superpaul Pwede ig monday na lang,during sa event. Then also the pay. dm me ur #. Thanks
  • 20:02:35: Imong headshot =) hehe
  • 21:11:05: disappointed.i can’t upload my pic to @threadless tee-riffic photos.i need order # and such. =(
  • 21:41:00: christian vasquez is back on TV via magkaribal. inittttt!!!
  • 21:41:58: oy @twitter is suggesting anne curtis for me to follow. ?????
  • 22:44:32: @ThereseHabana Karon pa sad ko kita balik.kbawo na si vera who gelai s.nya vera got an indecent proposal frm christan vasquez.=)
  • 22:46:19: Cute. Why man? RT @ThereseHabana: – At the opthalmologist. Let’s see if he needs glasses.
  • 22:56:19: @Kimeh Mag UPCat din ka?
  • 23:21:31: Meg Boozoo – Little Miss Artsy Fartsy
  • 23:43:40: the killer app =))) the shiznit that will save the world!
  • 23:48:04: @ohgelie nothing in there pa. =)
  • 23:51:04: hay,@twitter stop suggesting celebrities.di lagi ko mo follow nila.i have more interesting people on my following list.

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