Opera Mobile Browser 10 is the Bomb

I have tried the older version of opera browser for my Nokiad E63, and I kind of not like it. At that time, I felt it has too many buttons/features to comprehend.

Just for the fun, I downloaded again the mobile opera browser 10, but this time for my Nokia E71. And, I’m kinda blown with its quality. I felt it’s ‘ka-level’ of Chrome browser in android devices, which I consider to be the best of all mobile browsers I tried – safari of ipod/iphone, blackberry browser (worst), and the built-in browser of Eseries.

What I really find cute is how they have visible tabs at the top of the browsers. It’s kinda unnecessary but it’s cool how they mimic the desktop browsers.

Together with gravity, opera browser make it worthy to stick/keep a symbian device.

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