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  • 00:09:36: RT @tweetitow: Hi guys, all OREG registrations failed since 4 hours ago. If you didn’t get a @tweetitow mention after OREG, please re-se …
  • 00:10:18: RT @tweetitow: sorry, we’re changing a lot on codes of tweetitow, thinking the missng tweets were due to that. i realized the 0905 gatew …
  • 00:10:28: RT @tweetitow: the gateway is now fixed. hopefully, it’s all smooth sailing after this. :D
  • 01:34:57: be thankful when you don’t know what you’re doing
  • 09:09:39: @altjess isumbong mo kay enrile =)))
  • 09:21:10: Let’s go back to d farm,girls.RT @bakadesuyo Are there more women than men in major cities because women want rich guys?
  • 09:24:09: RT @janole: Hm. This -4 error is making me nervous. I would hate to have to redesign the networking code of #Gravity just because of new …
  • 09:34:21: Sooo many favorited tweets to back read =((( & havent read a book for weeks. I’m boring like duh
  • 09:36:17: RT @aswath: Once the codec in BBM, FT and GTalk are interoperable, we wouldn’t need the associated services.
  • 09:38:59: RT @joshbloch: Those who can, do; those who can’t, sue. Or perhaps: Those who can, innovate; those who can’t, litigate.
  • 11:26:56: ‘a great revolution can only be born out of a great feeling of love.’ che Reading ‘fidel castro: my life’
  • 12:27:32: I thought mag-lasalista ka =) RT @Kimeh: Oh wow, UST, you are one wonderful place.
  • 12:27:53: RT @ssowy: RT @mannyneps: RT @badz85: How many SEO experts does it take to change a light bulb, lightbulb, light, bulb, lamp, lighting, …
  • 12:30:06: @markjeee Owkei pa ka?
  • 12:30:59: .RT @abeolandres: The Phil. President’s brand new website is powered by Microsoft, not open-source Linux.
  • 12:33:10: U’r not alone. =) RT @sabriyya: sometimes I think I have ADD :(
  • 12:34:12: @fredbaa Hala naay na hurt @sjeanc911
  • 13:01:27: Thanks @czarinamaye.hopefully,it will evolve into something that can save lives aside frm using it to tweet justin bebr. Cheesychar =)
  • 13:50:26: Tenchu @edwardcalugtong =)
  • 14:22:50: @Carloowww Mmm. I think 8.
  • 17:43:39: @Carloowww Like how many?
  • 17:52:22: – Little boy in the box =)
  • 17:54:28: Possible naman.kakapagod lang mangulit ni @markjeee.hehe @Carloowww hmm im not sure :) like 15? 20? haha is it possible?
  • 17:59:12: @lhykah First time to hear about aloe vera juice. unsay lami?
  • 18:06:56: @fukurinalip yes.bydway,pls re-reg at wen u hav time.thanks
  • 18:33:41: Tailing mati boy arnd the subd.
  • 19:41:53: Globestbest
  • 19:43:46: @iplayatwork it was down ystrday but it got fixed arnd midnight
  • 19:44:16: – In his own world.
  • 19:56:16: Yes.bec u went offline. @fukurinalip:
  • 20:06:28: @i_lucrie_p weehhh,my i-look-forward-to sunday writer is on twitter. @melanietlim
  • 20:09:12: @mimivillaruel Aha ka nga gym,mims?
  • 20:28:10: i want some heavy in bed w/ a hardbound book. =)
  • 20:37:40: @fukurinalip Wow.thanks.but no.stop receiving kasi.anyhoo,msg us lang f u need some.
  • 21:50:45: Ow it’s monday. I need to write a romance story. Run out of plot. =)
  • 22:29:36: Pls ayaw tawn.i don’t want to insult ur smartness. Hehe @ThereseHabana: @owrange haha!!! I haven’t read ur till debt. Dm me the link

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