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It took time for me to post about Globe Mobile Tweet. It’s been here for awhile. But I have my own personal drama and issues in life.

Globe has Globe UPD8 before their Globe Mobile Tweet service. And, prior to branding their Mobile Tweet to Globe Mobile Tweet, I still remember they also use Twitter4J. Or, maybe Xurpas customized the Twitter4J to Globe Mobile Tweet now.

Globe Mobile Tweet

To use Globe Mobile Tweet, following is the instructions I lifted from FAQ site. Globe site has also their FAQ site for this service but I prefer FAQ since it is more detailed.

  1. What is Mobile Tweet?Mobile Tweet is a service that allows you to send and receive Twitter messages for as low as P1/txt. You can also enjoy unlimited posting of tweets for only P20/day, which includes 10 free direct messages and/or mentions. You may also download your last 150+ tweets or direct messages at P2.50/MMS. This service is open to all Globe and TM subscribers.
  2. How can I use Mobile Tweet?
  3. To register, text TWEET REG <Twitter ID> <password> to 2363 for FREE.
    To send a tweet, text TWEET <message> to 2363. P1/txt.

    To mention a Twitter user, text TWEET @<Twitter ID> <message> to 2363. P1/txt.
    To send a direct message, text D <Twitter ID> <message> to 2363. P1/txt.
    To subscribe to your direct messages and mentions, text @<your Twitter ID> to 2363. P1/txt.
    To subscribe to a Twitter user via SMS, txt FOLLOW <Twitter ID> to 2363. P1/txt.
    To get your last 150+ tweets, txt FEED to 2363. P2.50/txt.
    To get your last 150+ DMs & mentions, txt DM to 2363. P2.50/txt.
    To avail of Unlitweet, txt UNLITWEET to 2363. P20/day.

  4. What is Unlitweet?Unlitweet allows Twitter users to send unlimited tweets within 24 hours for only P20.00. Unlitweet users can also enjoy 10 free direct messages and/or mentions. To avail, text UNLITWEET to 2363. P20/day.
  5. I am already subscribed to my direct messages and mentions. If I avail of Unlitweet, will I still be able to enjoy the 10 free direct messages and/or mentions that go with it?
  6. Yes. Upon confirmation of your Unlitweet subscription, the first 10 direct messages and/or mentions you receive within the 24-hour period will be free of charge.

  7. How will I know when my Unlitweet will expire?
  8. When you text UNLITWEET to 2363, you will receive a confirmation message indicating the date and time of expiration of your subscription. You will also be sent a reminder via SMS before your subscription expires.

  9. I am already registered to Mobile Tweet but I can’t seem to send a direct message to a friend. What should I do?Make sure you are following a friend first before sending a direct message. To follow a Twitter user via SMS, txt FOLLOW <Twitter ID> to 2363. P1/txt.
  10. I have been trying to download all my 150+ tweets or direct messages and/or mentions, why haven’t I received a reply?Downloading your last 150+ tweets or direct messages and/or is done via MMS. Make sure your phone’s MMS settings are configured before using this command.
  11. Do I need to be a registered Twitter user before I can use the service?
  12. Yes, you need to have your own Twitter ID before you can use Mobile Tweet. Visit to open an account if you do not have one yet.

  13. Can I register to Unlitweet even if I have a previous Unlitweet subscription?
  14. No, you cannot register to Unlitweet until your current subscription has expired.

  15. How can I know more about the service?
  16. To get more information about the service, text TWEET to 2363 for free. You will also be given a list of commands that you can text to download or subscribe to Mobile Tweet functions.

So it seems that Globe does not develop their twitter service in-house. It’s provided by a 3rd-party solutions provider, which I think has always been a TELCO culture — I think even their billing system is provided by another party. In this case, it is Xurpas that provides their twitter service. Yaa, I know you don’t care. But I find it juicy. =)

I have tried their service when they officially launched it. And, it’s actually reliable. Though, I just hate it that they have to insert some ‘ads’ to the tweets that I received, which I paid for. But I guess, we have to understand that it’s business.

ADS inserted on Globe Mobile Tweet

I actually like their P2.50/MMS which contains 150 tweets from your timeline. Please note MMS here is not pictures, but it means 150 tweets in one MMS.

Text Confirmation of my MMS Download

Globe Mobile Tweet MMS of 150 tweets


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  1. Anonymous

    to globe customer service!
    how can i stop subscribing to this globe mobile tweet.

  2. Mqqasd

    Timawa ang globe di nmn ako nagregister kakareceive ako ng tweets dagdag lng ng dagdag sa bill ko.

  3. Anonymous

    pano mag unsuscribe? -_-

  4. How can i send tweet using UNLITWEET? I’m already registered to Unlitweet pero nababawasan pa rin ako ng load pag nagsesend :|

  5. i Need Help on Globe 2363 SMS…would you please tell me how to unsubscribe to it?please?

  6. MJ

    Bakit ganun, nagsubscribe na ko sa Unlitweet but still charged pa rin ng 1 peso yung tweet ko.

  7. Ronnie

    Do you now know how to unsubscribe from Globe Mobile Tweet because they don’t send commands how to do it for every update.

  8. margaux

    how can i unsubscribe to mobile tweet just in case i changed my mind to subscribe? thanks..

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      sorry. I already forgot the command keys. But anyhoo, they will txt u d command key to stop receiving updates.

      • margaux will i text in order to stop receiving texts from mobile tweet? thanks..

        • Rose Buenconsejo

          sorry. i forgot na the command keys on how to stop receiving updates. i think they will include naman the command keys together with the updates u receive.

          • jeff

            how can you forget the command, if ikaw nag si-share about this info. so unusual…

    • Bill

      > > setting > connection >revoke access Globe Mobile Tweet

  9. JEwel

    bakit binabawasan ako ng 2.50/text to register? tapos invalid twitter i.d dw eh tama namn… haayyy dami ko na nasayang na load!!!!!!!!