Smart AllTxt Combo Plus — update your facebook, friendster, & twitter via SMS

Of all the ‘names’ Smart could give to their service for updating social sites, they have to call it AllTxt Combo Plus. While I would dream to be telling my friends that I update my twitter via ubertwitter. Smart think its cool for the user to be telling their friends, “Oh my, I update twitter via AllTxt Combo Plus.

In fairness, their website is fab (so web 2.000000) —

smart's alltxt combo plus website

But after the fab looking, goodluck on how to register to it. They’re not yet contented with their very smart branding/product naming/whatever-you-call-it, they even have to make registering for it too complicated. I just second the motion the comment I read from techpinas, ikr.

The 'follow us' has to be included in the steps?

AllTxt Combo Plus FAQ -- goodluck

To make it easier for you, I copy and pasted the FAQ at scribd so you can dowload a pdf file of it. So if you are bored, you can read it.

So following are the very INNOVATIVE packages of Smart’s AllTxt Combo Plus service.

* AllTxt ComboPlus25 = 110 Texts/MMS + 5min call + 40 Posts to 1 Social Networking Site

* AllTxt ComboPlus50 = 220 Texts/MMS + 10min call + 80 Posts to 1 Social Networking Site

Alltxt Combo Plus Rates and Keywords for Subscribing

Facebook 25 -text FB25 to 2526

Friendster 25 – text FR25 to 2526

Twitter 25- text TW25 to 2526

For Php50 packages, just change the 25 to 50. Enough, the command keys making me bleed. So if you want to update 40 posts to each 3 social sites — you have to pay P75/day. Good deal?

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