Goodbye to the 15t @tweetitow users

@tweetitow reached 15t sign-ups with the old registration system. It’s a pretty small number, but it’s already big deall for me. At the very start of @tweetitow, I used to keep track all the users by following them all. But as users sign-up by flock, and I got busy with other stuff, I could no longer follow each of them.

With the nearing of Twitter’s deadline on required OAuth registration, I guess I just have to say goodbye to them for now. I could not find them one-by-one, and inform them to re-reg at http://app.tweetitow,com. But of course, I believe, there will always be a second ‘Hola. Como Estas!’

This made me think, if only we have taken @tweetitow seriously, tracking the different members would be easier, & hopefully make money out of it. But on the other thought, I guess @tweetitow will always be for fun. Serious stuff not allowed. =)

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