Unlimited Culture — how unlimited is unlimited of Telcos (Globe/Smart/Sun)

Globe’s latest promo SuperUnli25 turned out to be only Super-minus-unli. First, it was my nanay who complained why when she used it to call, her calls are cut-off. Then, she could no longer make a call after.

Next complaint I heard was from @altjess, a twitter friend. He was banned for violating the TOS, but Globe was not able to specify which rule did he violate. When he checked with the Globe Customer Service, the Globe staff told him that he was bulk messaging. I sent a question via twitter to @talk2Globe how they define bulk messaging, @talk2globe actually replied to me that bulk messaging refers to their unlimited text promo. Quite contrary.

Until, I get across the Globe’s Getsatisfaction thread entitled, “i have been blocked to use any of the globe promos.” I felt kind of relieved to see people complaining about this, it means I’m not alone. And, this is actually now getting more popular, Angelo de Jesus took notice of this. You can see his article in here, and take a vote here.

But this is actually not new to me. And, this does not happen exclusively to Globe — cutting unlimited service. With @tweetitow, I get to experience using Sun, Smart, and Globe’s unlimited text services.

When we use their — Globe, Smart, Sun — unlimited text promos to power the ‘receive updates’ feature of @tweetitow, that’s when I learn that unlimited is not really unlimited. And, though Globe is getting the bad news right now, Globe was actually the most lenient/forgiving of the 3 networks regarding unlimited text service based on our experience.

Based on my experience, following are how they limit the unlimited text service:

* Smart & Sun are actually more strict in limiting their unlimited service. After a month of using their unlitxt service, Smart no longer allow our number to subscribe to their unlitext promo. While Sun cut-off our 1-month unlitext subscription to 2 weeks.

But they will actually remove the ‘ban’ after some days. I think after a week or 2 weeks, we were able to use the unlimited service again.

* Globe has been actually very lenient with their unlimited text service. They actually let us user their unlitext service for almost 10 months without cutting or suspending it.

But they also lift the ban, I think, after 30 days. I’m not sure.

In defense of Globe, I hope the ‘media’ will not only focus on Globe, but on all the networks. I guess there is no problem with Telcos having unlimited promos, but I wish they could also specify as to how unlimited is their unlimited to avoid frustration on both parties.

I believe consumers know that unlimited is not unlimited, we just wish for the telcos to be more transparent and honest on their limitations, instead of just banning or cutting off our subscription without even informing us before cutting off. Just like power companies, they always send out notice before they cut off our power connection. I hope telcos will also do that.

Being transparent and honest do not cost much, there is no reason TELCOS cannot do this. We, not only for telcos, should stop taking advantage of the ‘power’-less of the people.


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8 responses to “Unlimited Culture — how unlimited is unlimited of Telcos (Globe/Smart/Sun)

  1. tig

    just this afternoon, globe staff told me that they limit sms to 8000/ month per ntc regulation. my superunli plan is neither super nor unli. :(

  2. Anonymous

    paano po ba mag unlitxt sa talk n txt? tnx

  3. Globe has charged me P 2,400 plus last month for alleged internet usage on my cellphone, which I did not use. After appealing to them, they waived the charges. This month they charged me again, for this month’s alleged usage, but I still haven’t used the Internet on my cellphone. Now they are insisting that I pay. I can prove that I didn’t use the Internet on my cellphone, but they won’t listen. This is unfair! I’m not the only one who has been having this problem.

    My theory about the disappearing prepaid load: It’s being shaved off my alleged “Internet usage,” and since you’re on prepaid, there’s no bill to check.

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  6. Uhmmm… Ms. Rose Buenconsejo, I’m not actually from ABS-CBN :)) nor a reporter :) Though I appreciate the pingback. May I include your blog in my list of links? Thank you very much! Please delete my previous comment.

    I never knew that SUN and SMART has the same policy though they should really specify how limited their unlimited promos are and give us warnings.

    Thank you again, more power to you and be blessed!