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  • 06:56:52: RT @al3x: You can check out some of the papers I’ve created with here:
  • 08:40:38: @johnarcews Everything’s up except d peso rate? Hehe thanks for asking
  • 08:43:45: Ditto =) RT @J3SSL33: I’m a Cebuano but not too offended by that.
  • 08:45:36: RT @HarvardResearch: Humans can make difficult moral decisions using the same brain circuits used in more mundane choices
  • 08:48:46: RT @karitonkid: Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them! That’s why we ar …
  • 10:35:31: @czarinamaye: Dear @tweetitow, thanks for posting my tweets via SMS. =)
  • 10:36:11: @czarinamaye sorry.that was wrong sent. Doint support while commuting.
  • 10:40:16: @heckymeal: @tweetitow why can’t we receive tweets?
  • 10:41:02: Sorry for d wrong sents =(
  • 11:49:16: Thanks @ericzoo
  • 11:49:41: Join @piclyf =) @ericzoo: Next week we will activate the super RARE – ANGEL badge for some of our special special early users.
  • 11:53:46: Looking for celphone that would match ate mona’s specs: w/ camera nga ma print ang pictures nga tag 3t
  • 11:55:32: Sthing i learned frm d celphone sales staff: get a 2mp for 3r pics. VGA s just for wallet size pics. =) but 2mp phones start at 4t.
  • 13:19:31: @khouryrt rock. How to do that? Pls
  • 13:22:39: @czarinamaye aws. =( hope everything will turn out well.
  • 14:23:25: Here at don kimoy across sm. Can’t resist carenderia fill. =) i want it all sweaty & koboy.
  • 15:17:14: davao seems to have nice coffee shops =)
  • 15:19:44: fab twitter friends, u should join this. =) @supergoddess27 @czarinamaye @ipetim @yanieemarie @ariannechan =)
  • 15:22:05: sweet.i can now delete pics in @piclyf. deleted my bits =)
  • 15:24:26: @Ivee like ur new headshot. =) ur apapangig (jawline?) looks sexxxyyy =)
  • 15:29:57: @kricket_rc234 based also on ur food pics, ur food there is really sthing to look forward in davao. =)
  • 15:30:47: @Ivee is that the result of the ‘no-rice’ diet? =)
  • 15:32:00: @mark_sergio i havent been to davao. =( dami ko ng na receive na recommendations na resto pupuntahan sa davao.
  • 15:34:18: i want to do that ff thing.nag libog ko kinsa ako pilion.will pick 1 randomly.
  • 15:46:34: my #ff.why follow her?coz her blog is called ‘creating passionate users’ =)
  • 15:47:51: unfortunately, she already deleted her twitter account.but go check her blog,u’ll learn a bit of this & that
  • 15:53:17: @princejarie thanks
  • 16:13:28: post ur davao pics at @piclyf na. Taga davao ra ba na sila =) @kricket_rc234 Glad to be promoting Davao in a way :D
  • 16:22:09: U can have more than 1 # to ur acct. Thanks @princejarie
  • 17:31:47: @talk2globe Avail of the bucket plan for cheap SMS rates: P5/10 replies for 1 day text 5 to 2814 -> s the 10 msgs for all networks?
  • 21:19:28: @likke: @tweetitow Yahoo!!! @owrange :D pa try kuno ani kay dghan ko extra sa smartbro plugit.
  • 21:19:59: Weehhh @likke: @tweetitow Yahoo!!! @owrange :D pa try kuno ani kay dghan ko extra sa smartbro plugit.
  • 21:22:49: Palyado ang sakyanan. Poor litow lamb. =(
  • 21:24:17: Not yet done w/ my bisaya romance story. problematic car. Doube =(
  • 21:42:25: RT @FreeRangeKids: Why does Gymboree even EXIST? Would kids never learn to clap or sing WITHOUTH a class?
  • 22:53:51: that was a death ride. Hehe. no more car = lesser carbon footprints. Swell.
  • 23:26:08: maayong gabii kapamilya/kapuso/kaatay.for my show off tonight.i’m a fashion chick coz i glow in the dark. =)
  • 23:27:57: pls do click and view and view me.i don’t care if u get tired,pls let me win the Fashion Chic badge and prizes
  • 23:30:24: ooppsss.i don’t think i qualify for this fashion chic contest.but bahala na pamugasay ang show. =)
  • 23:31:03: owww. sorry,=( removing it na
  • 23:37:23: major major owaw.i’m uploading here in my own show show off my glow in the dark shirt. it says don’t worry be
  • 23:38:25: happy. as always a sale @threadless shirt.

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