From Twitter 09-09-2010

  • 11:33:00: RT @bjfogg: Who created Google INSTANT? My former student (I’m proud of him, of course!). Watch Jonathan Effrat explain:
  • 16:31:22: Sad. Wala na nibalik og siga ang suga sa akong celfon. @fredbaa diin ka nga service center sa nokia nagpaayo before?
  • 17:07:29: don’t like that my latest tagalog romance is very longggggg. =((( i couldnt bother to read it, how much the others =((((
  • 17:36:08: my shop is updated. =) Pinoy Romance eNovel Shop
  • 17:36:38: my latest work of ‘art’ that will make shakespeare a joke “Pretend Love to Real?” on Scribd #Readcast
  • 18:23:58: RT @zeldman: Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.
  • 18:24:21: “Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration” – Twitter /…
  • 19:46:56: “It comes down to this. Make me rich, make me laugh, pique my interest or get me laid. Then maybe I’ll…”
  • 19:49:27: “It’s tempting to look at any dot com success and assume that all the features they have today are what…”
  • 20:05:25: why was there’s some kind of a presscon of pres noynoy talking about d hostage incident earlier? what gives?
  • 21:12:50: ‘to my shallow wife’ or ‘to my low maintance wife’ – thinking of d engraving i’ll have on my ipod. =)
  • 22:00:28: sneak oreo from my kids,then post it here =)
  • 22:33:31: bopping to baby baby oohhh justin bieber coz no wifi on droid = no pandora. baby baby ohhh
  • 22:36:30: baby baby ohhh baby baby nohhh. thought you’d always be mine. when i was 13, i had my 1st love. makes my heart pound.don’t need starbucks
  • 22:39:17: u know u love me, i know u care.u want my love, u want my heart. & we’ll never ever be 1st love broke my heart for the first.& iwas
  • 22:40:37: i would buy u anything, i would buy u any ring. i;m going down down. & i just can’t believe my 1st love would not b around.
  • 22:41:36: @boplaksnakelot it’s working man.wala lang ilaw.hehe i think i need to bring it to a service center.
  • 22:42:46: ang tarush sa twitter profile background ni @paulg =)
  • 22:44:49: @repapipz_cutie @kimeh yes.justin bieber will buy me any thing. =) i’m trying to get the lyrics of his song.what’s his best song pala?
  • 22:47:15: u want my love, u want my heaert.and we’ll nevre be ever be apart. we’re just friends, what r u saying. there’s another guy in my eyes
  • 22:48:31: now i’m in pieces, baby, fix me. =)
  • 23:03:23: i wanna be bob taylor =)
  • 23:13:42: Keyshia Cole – I Remember via @youtube
  • 23:56:39: =((( was abt to finish sthing but kid #3 woke up. now lost my enthusiasm to finiah it,the in-the-zone mode. dont u just hate it =(((

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