From Twitter 09-10-2010

  • 00:09:26: i have a feeling,ipod touch will soon have a phone & sms features. =))) popcorn
  • 00:10:50: @markjeee thanks, my justin bieber. =)))
  • 00:15:21: “@marrihliesse: Hooked, got hooked!” –> & & & got laid???
  • 00:20:39: happy 11th @markjeee. =) you are my castro/guevarra rolled into 1 brad pitt.
  • 08:45:15: Weeee… Nisiga nag balik akong celfon! =) self-healing =)
  • 09:08:07: I just earned the Blogged PicLyf Badge. Check it out at
  • 09:10:39: I just earned the Angel Badge. Check it out at
  • 09:37:47: @supergoddess27 nokia fan ko =) mahal kaayo ang bis.
  • 09:39:06: God =) then my country =) @ThereseHabana bieber kau uy! Hala kinsa imong 1st love!
  • 09:39:37: Congrats jud,brot.mura man ko nakadaug og lotto ana =) @boozaub: Happy Anniversary and Congratulations, Rosie. :)
  • 09:41:52: Yes.naa na.forgot d names. Will tweet u f makahindumdom ko. @jovrien is there an app or something that i could use …
  • 09:46:09: Thanks for d greetings @jovrien
  • 09:53:07: @markjeee pls fix. Thanks RT @bon2bello I tried /via twitter to remove pero ganun pa din. thanks!
  • 10:22:42: Migi: unsay Filipino sa ‘omygash’? Unsay bisaya ana?
  • 10:24:34: Done doing customer support. Off now. Basin maguba usab akong celfon. =) good riddance of me =)
  • 11:18:18: i like it when u don’t know what u’r doing;it makes u think outside of the box.
  • 11:26:06: i wanna b n a black artist’s music video.they got all d bling =) — Keyshia Cole – Love via @youtube
  • 11:51:40: waaahhhhh =) i’m overwhelmed w/ badges who needs school to get badges! kidding, kids =)
  • 12:07:22: meg: hi. bantay bata ako mama.
  • 12:11:11: justin biberrrrrrrr
  • 12:58:03: @marrihliesse Sige lang, lapad man! Hehe. Yeng, paanhaa ko japan!
  • 13:16:25: RT @tweetitow: Yow, ready. RT @LasagnaSurfer: Hey luvs, are you ready for the trivia for @tweetitow credits?
  • 16:31:21: RT @janole: #Gravity is a Symbian-only app that Android- and even iPhone-users want on their phones. We need more of this, I think.
  • 18:06:44: itchy throat. wants some uninterrupted sleep later later
  • 18:07:51: RT @ryanandaya: friends the theme for tomorrow’s sentisabado will be released later 8 pm :)
  • 18:22:08: u would know if an app is created by apple fans,they always use this ‘wooden’ background like this
  • 19:21:31: Globeerrrr
  • 19:21:52: Globerrr2
  • 19:22:02: Smarty farty
  • 19:28:38: RT @tweetitow: To sun subscribers, ur tweets might Come in late. It’s peak time right now, sun signal n my place s weak. Sorry bout that.
  • 19:31:17: sip-on/itchy throat. Wa’y ayo!
  • 19:37:32: @firedancer67 Naa kay giinom tambal? Unsa man?
  • 19:37:51: @cutielyz Wa’y ayo. Holiday pa man unta.
  • 19:41:54: @firedancer67 Wa man ko fever noon.mag water therapy lang ko. Hehe.
  • 21:18:40: Sunshine thru test
  • 21:30:21: RT @belfrans: WANTED: #Spanish #school located in #Cebu, #Philippines. I want to learn Spanish!
  • 21:39:22: @belfrans @likke sorry. No idea much about spanish classes offering in cebu. =(((
  • 21:52:25: -> the bride is inlove ko @ragenstevart hayyy love =)
  • 22:05:57: @belfrans u don’t like to take it frm universities here in cebu? I believe they offer it.upcebu has it. =)
  • 22:07:31: Wa’y pulos. Was planning to sleep early para maayo og dali.but my mind s everywhere. =( now I’m still wide awake. Ggrrr
  • 22:13:12: Wants to put life to my livejournal acct for d sake of old times =)

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