From Twitter 09-13-2010

  • 07:23:01: @marrihliesse @ecstaticviolet @theresehabana thanks, girls. Feeling better. ako giinom tambal sa akong mga anak. =)
  • 07:25:35: wa nako’y load. I wonder f my 500load reach me a month. Good morning, imaginary friends! =)))
  • 08:27:30: RT @ssowy: Guys, it’s tweetup week! Join us at MajorMajorTweetup, Sep. 15, 6:30pm at Capone’s, A. Venue, Makati Ave! http:.// …
  • 08:35:49: RT @cherrythegreat: If you can never be grateful about everything that happened, never hope that tomorrow will be better than today. Alw …
  • 08:39:32: Mura man ko’g gakurog.might be a side effect of bricanyl. Did i overdose myself?
  • 09:06:34: @ThereseHabana Yes. doctor na ko ron. =) nga nagmalpractice.
  • 09:08:56: @choldmhist @Karen_DaviLa parang description ng social sites excpt for dabble n drugs.
  • 10:48:09: Just when i go unlitxt, i’m lowbat.
  • 10:58:14: Social apps are addictive – not only to the users, but also to the developers.
  • 11:57:37: Accdg to flawless ad: the real gentleman is richard guttierez. asus,kani ra man diay solusyon sa mga bad boys sa ph…
  • 14:58:22: @iampeewee the white hat ba to imo ingon nga froyo?
  • 15:16:11: Seeing big ads of jewelry shop. i think jewelry was cool when gadgets were unknown. ???
  • 15:25:39: Facebook & malls have something in common – they want people to loiter in it, until they’ll click on sthing.
  • 16:51:50: Home now frm dentist, sm. Tired. Now w/ mati boy nga nangilog og ‘toy’ nako.
  • 16:53:01: @intothehearth Well, I still prefer jewelries then sell them then buy gadgets. =) eeekkk =)
  • 16:55:21: @kuyabob What device is that part of? =) curious talaga noh =)
  • 16:56:05: .RT @wandering_eneri: @Ccolwin RT @Dhalili: Adam Lambert’s C5 Billboard is up! First 3 to take a pic will win 1silver ticket each.
  • 17:02:23: @carmcast Get well soon to ur yayay knees.
  • 17:04:35: @ssowy U can work at home – at night when all d kiddos are asleep. =) walang tulugan.
  • 17:08:32: @chuckdreyfus @yendreyfus baka ma blind item kayo ha. =) baka iba ang namaga. Joke. Get well soon, yen. =)
  • 17:12:02: RT @janole: LOL! RT @nikhilpai: OMG! We have even bigger news than Anssi Vanjoki resigning from Nokia! @clintonjeff has bought an iPhone!
  • 17:40:24: spot the not: migi & meg horsing around. meg is the horse.migi is the rider.
  • 18:44:06: – Mati showing off his chocolate-covered lepsss
  • 19:17:43: @ecstaticviolet Chay, malingaw kaayo sya kon makakita sa pic ni baby z sa ipod =)
  • 19:23:53: @ecstaticviolet bitaw email me some pics. Katong pic pa gali b4 imo gi-send.she was in white dress.
  • 19:24:42: @carmcast Ay kasayang sa mga itlog. =(((
  • 19:39:23: RT @czarinamaye: Huwwatt?!? Daniel Matsunaga and Heart Evangelista? I’m sooo huli sa chismis.. Idol ko si Heart, bilis maka move on. Hahaha.
  • 19:40:22: That’s i in clay =) RT @megsketcher: – My Mama in Clay
  • 19:47:16: @ericzoo Wow. Adto diay ka manila?in time for wordcamp?
  • 19:48:19: low maintainance ba self mo? RT @joshtadena: I should learn to date myself if I’m bored.
  • 19:50:55: lol. RT @MarvinRaden: Manong bus driver, pwede po ba open na lang yung tv? Balita na po tsaka ayoko na po marinig si Celine Dion!
  • 19:53:55: It’s still quarter 8,kids downtime is still 2 more hours.should i start tweaking on sthing or just bum around.
  • 20:22:48: Gloverrr2
  • 20:22:59: Smarty farty
  • 20:23:14: Sunnymeee
  • 21:29:39: That stage is over. It’s time to disattach.

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