From Twitter 09-16-2010

  • 09:11:56: @milky_me: @iheartgena welcome. No need to follow us. =)
  • 09:14:58: @chrysiafranco The better u start now. =)
  • 10:06:42: @czarinamaye Just read ur tweet abt ur store. =(((
  • 10:20:33: RT @bri_quebengco: Remember, people join a company becuz of the WHY. They stay becuz of the WHO. But in the end you’ll leave becuz of th …
  • 10:22:01: is that u or ur sis? Happy birthday! RT @ohgelie: This 1988-er turns 22. Cheers to a good day ahead. x
  • 10:26:50: – Daily dose of riot at home =)
  • 10:36:28: – I’m still this thick away from finishing this book abt fidel castro so hafta get off frm twitter. Bb
  • 11:48:06: Ow no!!! RT @KristineRoa: I just ousted owrange as the mayor of TGU Building on @foursquare!
  • 11:52:43: @chrysiafranco Wow.alam mo na pala gagawin mo.=) sige go, start creating & failing now w/ ur friends.=)
  • 11:54:19: @chrysiafranco F u’r here n cebu, u might like to intern at =)
  • 11:54:52: @lollidella Will check it later. Thanks
  • 11:56:07: @tweetbabysweet7 yay. inlove na inlove!
  • 11:57:55: @beejing i think u can ask globe to recalculate ur bill. I know some1 who’s having that problem.actually,it’s a known prob ngayon.
  • 12:02:22: @chuckdreyfus Omy. Breathe in breathe out.
  • 12:08:09: .RT @ericzoo: Here at UP Diliman for the 1st time for the #y4it . any UP students on twitter out here? meetup!
  • 12:10:30: .RT @cheenee0323: I’m up for dating. No strings attached.
  • 12:12:52: @tweetbabysweet7 Is he on twitter too? =)
  • 12:14:54: @chuckdreyfus scary talaga nyan.experienced that w/ my uncle.nadetach tlaga ang gulong but good thing probinsya ngyari,walang kontra sa daan
  • 12:21:49: @superpaul Asus, basin ikaw ra ang hanggang tweet. /cc @cheenee0323
  • 12:22:29: @tweetbabysweet7 It means lalake talaga sya =)
  • 12:24:22: @chrysiafranco Same lang seguro anywhere.anyway,u can always make ur own opportunity.=)
  • 12:45:10: Cheesy but reading this book abt fidel castro always brings me to tears thinking about philippines.
  • 13:29:48: ‘Science is going to solve a lot of problems that science itself creates. Saving the species will be a titanic unde…
  • 13:40:22: ‘Here, there are no official portraits hanging in public offices; we’ve always been very much against the cult of personality.’ fidel castro
  • 14:08:45: In the partyhall now,eavesdropping a medrep talking to a doctor abt his US flight.i really find medrep-doctor culture a bit creepy.
  • 15:00:39: ‘there is a true population explosion in many countires where the economy is not growing – where what’s growing is …
  • 15:15:59: ‘Our species is in real danger of extinction – self-extinction,due to the madness of human beings themselves,who r …
  • 15:21:57: ‘Quality of life lies in knowledge, in culture.’ Castro (me thinks it’s easier to buy stuff than be cultured)
  • 16:32:47: if a twitter is account on private setting,he/she can NOT read mentions from people he/she did NOT approved right?
  • 16:38:08: @mr_perk thanks poh, koya =)
  • 16:38:38: RT @doblezeta: Looking for a nice 2nd hand white MacBook for my mom. Anyone selling one, pls let me know. :)
  • 16:40:07: @twitchangel @roui926 @lasagnasurfer wootttyyy to! wow! grats
  • 16:48:11: tweetitowtics, BEEZZ, milky family and friends, Team CVG, KPOPPERZ,
    Tweetitow Credits Lover –> nalingaw ko sa mga group names =)
  • 16:49:51: Basin igo lang sa iya na. =) @roui926 owrange naay paka0n c @lasagnasurfer . Nagpacater cya… Go go go!
  • 16:51:03: it’s thursday,wa pa ko kahimo og tagalog problem is i just read fidel to switch to being ultimate shallow.
  • 16:56:40: @roui926 ikaw nagshoot sa mga pics in
  • 17:05:49: RT @tweetitow: My Home Design by @janinexd:
  • 17:12:58: wants to create something like but nothing too serious and more of just you. i need a volunteer to get it started.
  • 17:14:06: @tonethski job hunting? wow. big girl na!
  • 17:59:05: @altjess @ludy2244 welcome. But hindi ako developer ha.
  • 19:24:48: Here now at MIL’s place for some celebration.
  • 21:20:10: naa nami balay
  • 22:22:33: Smartyfartyharty
  • 22:23:14: Glovemeforareason
  • 22:23:32: Letthereasonbglove
  • 22:23:59: Sunshinethrumywindowthatswhatyourare

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