From Twitter 09-18-2010

  • 00:44:11: happy.was able to update with new short sweet story to my Pinoy Romance eNovel Shop =)
  • 00:46:49: short but sweet lovestory.”Coffee Shop Love” on Scribd #Readcast iiyak ng dugo ang Lit teacher ko w/ this
  • 00:48:30: before i say tata for now,lemme sing ‘ice ice baby. vanilla ice ice baby’ happy #sentisabado
  • 00:55:12: @iPetim fave ko rin ang weak #sentisabado =)
  • 08:45:33: ‘it’s my turn’ OST ng coney reyes on’d never fail to make me feel sleepy. #sentisabado
  • 08:51:24: @ThereseHabana Happy birthday, mark h! =))) wishing u & family a little girly therese this time. =)
  • 09:01:27: @tweetbabysweet7 why the fall out of love tweets?? =(
  • 09:03:30: @markjeee RT @HackerNewsYC: Review my weekend HTML5 project: DropMocks
  • 09:06:38: RT @azaaza: The Incredible Machine would make an amazing iPad/web game. Anyone want to make it for me?
  • 09:10:34: .RT @GaryPHayes: RT @GaryHalpren: A person who never makes mistakes never makes anything.
  • 09:12:19: I’d seen All robin padilla movies from bad boy, baby ama to vina/sharon tandem uncle was such a big fan #sentisabado
  • 09:15:06: DOM =) RT @LasagnaSurfer: I herd u guise need @tweetitow credits, yes?
  • 09:15:31: RT @azaaza: If you want to get involved in Firefox Panorama dev, here is a list of fantastic/easy bugs to get you going
  • 09:35:02: @tweetbabysweet7 Pag hate daw, love pa iyan. =) major crime talaga ginawa nya sa ganda mo iyan?
  • 09:36:16: RT @ericzoo: How to Make the next Mark Zuckerberg in the Philippines featured on For posterity. :)
  • 09:37:40: @janole U add facebook to gravity but then u don’t use facebook? =)
  • 09:39:07: Justin bieber on d cover RT @dens: email rounds at @foursquare HQ: “another magazine cover for dens” (har har har)
  • 10:08:54: @tweetbabysweet7 Onga. never tolerate liars. U deserve better than that. Bakit ano lie nya sa ‘yo? Type din nya lalake? Jowk pra d ka na =(
  • 10:10:11: @tweetbabysweet7 Sige, girl. mag-alis ka na at pagbalik mo dapat inlove ka na ulit.
  • 10:12:04: RT @posterous: Seeing connection issues with some servers sporadically right now. We are investigating.
  • 10:36:32: @chuckdreyfus Where did u ever get ur movie titles back then? #sentisabado
  • 10:52:13: RT @pamslim: the kids are laughing hysterically at a Tom and Jerry cartoon made 50 years ago. To create work that endures — that is a gift
  • 12:15:31: @kuyabob U’r in cebu now? With baka?
  • 12:17:26: Naa mi cd ani.=) RT @jovrien: Good morning (2x) dahil sa pampers ang sleep mo ang sleep mo mahimbing! #sentisabado
  • 12:18:05: Tattooed in my mind – d sound. #sentisabado
  • 12:18:34: RT @Ivee: Isang malaking CHECK!!! RT: @iPetim: You can’t be anti-social in a social network. Mag Diary ka na lang pag ganun. :p
  • 12:44:50: RT @glowie_bfly: New blog: I’m probably the only person who blogs on Friendster. Cou …
  • 12:49:05: @kuyabob Balik ka again sa cebu w/ baka & ur milky friends.=) & hopefully makita ko kayo. Hehe =) libre ko kayo… Ng credits. Ang cheap
  • 13:25:04: @LasagnaSurfer asus! Nagpasuya ba!
  • 13:49:27: RT @LasagnaSurfer: The @tweetitow trivia challenge will be later. Still in Ayala you guise. I have a life too hahaha! On my way home.
  • 14:06:23: @_iarmi Thanks. Will check it later when i’m on a computer =)
  • 14:10:35: RT @tweetitow: Wooty. RT @kimeh: Feels like giving 500 tweetitow credits later. Anyone up for contests? :P Thanks for the idea @LasagnaS
  • 15:15:48: RT @tweetitow: .RT @LasagnaSurfer: Let’s start the Tweetitards Trivia Challenge for @tweetitow credits!
  • 16:14:50: Babysitting & RTing neighbors prolly think i’m celphone-crazy. =)
  • 16:19:43: @roui926 @princejarie thank you, masters!
  • 16:31:36: Lol RT @iPetim: HUBBY: kanina nasa toy shop kami, yang anak mo Barbie kinukuha.
    ME: kesa naman si Ken kunin niya diba?
    HUBBY: 0_o
  • 16:35:12: Chinese kung-fu movies where d storyline s usually abt their kung fu teacher killed,& then students will avenge. #sentisabado
  • 16:35:38: @iPetim Mana lang sa papa, mahilig sa pretties like mama =)
  • 16:39:05: @princejarie For @roui926 ata yun. Na replytoall ko.
  • 17:06:30: @icuresick Wow. Artista ka na. I-greet mo ako ha! Hehe
  • 17:10:19: Polo + boardshorts? Hehe RT @kimeh: For semi-formal wear what should I do with? Polo + maong or polo + slacks? Help me out twitpeepz. :(
  • 17:10:37: RT @shauninman: note to future self: don’t build features you won’t personally use. if they break you won’t notice and when you’re infor …
  • 19:20:56: Gloverrr1test
  • 19:21:36: Smartyfartydarty
  • 19:28:11: Gloverrrr2test
  • 19:36:47: Sunshinethrumywindowthatswhatyouare

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