Why I Prefer Nokia Smartornot Phone.

This is not a bash post against the other smartphone — iPhone, Android phones, Blackberry, and I don’t know what are the others. I mean I love iPhone, I even bought an iPod touch because I cannot afford it. I like Android — it simply is a powerhouse but I’m not their target market as of now. And, Blackberry is something I want to have because celebrities are using it but it is something I still don’t understand what’s really in it (I don’t like Instant Messaging so I don’t think I will like BBM).

I prefer the Nokia. Right now, I’m using a Nokia E. It probably has not the pretty factor but I’m not really into shiny shimmering stuff.

Owkei so why Nokia?

* I can text with just one hand comfortably. Touch screens are just a bitch when it comes to texting. And, with blackberry even if it’s not touch screen, you really need to use both hands when using it with the way how the symbols/special characters are arranged. In blackberry, you need to alt then ‘period’ to input period — so just to put a dot on your sentence, you need both of your hands.

I think Nokia has really taken into consideration that people may only use one hand when using their phones. Thus, if you look at their keyboard, all frequently-used characters are all in display in the front. 

* Nokia with keypads are made in such a way that you can text/use without looking at it. I guess it is the reason why they make ‘trackpad’ optional in E72 (I’m not sure with other units though.). If you are using ‘trackpad’ like in blackberry, you need to look at your screen so you would know that the cursor has moved. But if you are using the typical ‘press’ key, there’s always a feedback feel that the cursor is moving.

* Applications. Hands down to iPhone — they have the most beautiful apps. But after sometime of downloading apps after apps, how many of them would you really use often? It’s probably just the phone, text/SMS, email, internet browser, camera, twitter/facebook, add in foursquare. And, these are all in my Nokia phone, even a simple feature phone has these.

And oh Gravity, my favorite twitter client (next to @tweetitow), can only be found in Symbian phones.

* Internet settings can be a pain in Nokia. You know it keeps asking you to which internet connection you would like to connect — it can really be annoying. Unlike in iPhone (Blackberry only needs to be set once I guess) where internet setting all work in the background, Nokia’s way can be annoying and not user-friendly. But later on I realized it’s more handy that way, this way you can avoid from being charged for unknowingly getting connected to your network’s mobile internet. Plus, you can tweak on your Nokia’s internet setting to surf for free. =)

* And, of course, the ultimate Rose-test, Nokia is cheap. =) I mean there are the expensive units, but they make cheaper version of the expensive units for cheap consumers like me. =)

Well, there’s a more affordable blackberry unit but I don’t understand it yet why I have to pay BIS just so I can tweet or facebook. 

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But still I would love to have the other phones as long that I have my Nokia. =) 

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