8 Years of Social Data

There is something I learned today — 8 years of existence online will not make it easy to trace. Since, I had the idea of doing something like Founders at Work, a Philippine version of it, Istorya.net has been like one of the first things that’s in my mind I wish to know more about.

So finally, I got the chance of asking permission to one of the founders via twitter to email her a few questions. So I did a little research. And, the little research lasted me a week since I have to go through 8 years of threads and posts to find pieces that hopefully will give me an overlook view of Istorya.net. It’s harder since I’m not an active member of the online community so I’m not privy to its major events of it.

So finally, I have a feel of what is Istorya.net about. But the thing is I am dumped with too many information, I don’t know where to start, which to pick to be put in my question list for Galadriel.

Another thing I learned from digging through archives of posts is that it’s not about how grand your social site/web app is, how eye-candy it is, it is about the community behind it that can make it or break it.

I really hope to finish this today!

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