4SHARED — Upload/Download Files Straight from your Symbian Nokia / Sony EricssonPhone

I’ve been looking for dropbox or dropbox-like application to be available to my Symbian (S60) Nokia E63 mobile phone. Call me lazy but I hate plugging in cables to my phone to my computer just to transfer files. So most of the time I use bluetooth to transfer files from my mobile phone to laptop. But I could not find a more efficient way of transferring images from my Symbian E63 phone to the web. Of course, I can email the images but I hate dumping them all in my email. Though, emailing them to my picasaweb account is a better way.

But it feels comforting that you have this application in your mobile phone to where you can easily dump your files to be uploaded to the web.

4SHARED in my Nokia E63

The feature that I really want to use in 4SHARED is that I can upload my images taken by my phone camera by batch (folder) so it’s faster and more efficient than doing it one by one.

Upload File individually or by batch via 4shared

You can then access all your files uploaded to 4shared via web when in your computer / laptop by simply going to 4shared.com.

4shared web portal

It just looks like exactly from my mobile phone too.

Then, another nifty feature of 4SHARED is that you can search for any files from your mobile phone — this gets handy when you are bored or if you need something. You can search for music and videos, then you have instant entertainment straight from your Symbian mobile phone.

Justine Bieber songs are on 4shared

Download Justin Bieber or Any Artist Music and Videos from 4shared

So yes, I’m now fine without dropbox in my Nokia E63 since I have 4shared.

You can download it from your mobile phone here http://store.ovi.com/content/34397. Or, you can click on the following affiliate link so you can get started with 4shared. Then, let’s be friends in 4shared, add me to your contacts here http://www.4shared.com/u/xUQ2NyHj/owrange.html.

Join 4Shared Now!

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