Will a Pandora-like App thrive locally?

You Don’t Need to Base Your Business in the Valley

There’s an ongoing debate about whether a startup needs to be based in San Francisco or the neighboring Silicon Valley in order to thrive. Pandora has proven that a startup can stay relevant even with a home base in a less trendy neighborhood.

“When we launched in 2000, there was nothing left in [San Francisco],” Westergren explains. As such, Pandora set up shop across the San Francisco bay in Oakland, Calif., and, “That turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise.”

“Oakland has been great; reasonable rents, a thriving downtown, affordable housing prices (a great boost for recruiting), and an incredibly responsive and supportive City Hall that has helped us in innumerable ways,” he says.

I believe there is real money in music. Despite piracy, there is still money in music. Just imagine Justin Bieber fans who would buy his single multiple times in iTunes just to put him on top.

My point is unlike in social networks where it’s kinda difficult to get money from users because there’s not really much ‘real’ value in it. Or, where you need to make users live and breathe in your website just so you can make money. In music, you will not feel that bad to be asking for money in return of music. Music has value. It’s art, or whatever marketing BS you can say about music. And, people do not need to loiter in your site 24/7, they can bring the music around

With Pandora, Last.fm, iTunes being not ‘legally’ accessible in Philippines, I believe there is a ‘wonderful’ niche that will be very interesting to enter into. It will be a good playground local developers / local start-ups could enter into. We have an active indie music scence, the KPop and other Asian music genre getting popular, where we could get started with. We do not need to be so hooked up with the UK / US music.

Downloading music via mobile phone is already known locally — you know those local telcos spam texts. I guess we could start at this kind of strategy(?) but just change it to something more appealing, artsy fartsy approach. An obsessed fan would probably not mind paying P50 ($0.99) to his/her idol’s music.

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