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  • 00:53:28: RT @tonyocruz: #sentisabado topic for Oct 16: Pinoy television shows – the best, most memorable and terribly missed programs
  • 00:55:21: Young love, sweet love. B&w pa amo tv. #sentisabado
  • 00:56:11: RT @GetJar: #Angry Birds fans. GetJar is back up. link is if 2 slow try Market. live on both now. sorr …
  • 00:57:40: @chuckdreyfus Ow. hope it’s nothing serious. =(
  • 08:04:06: Kilabot ng mga kolehiyala ni ariel rivera sa ‘sa linggo na po sila.’ feel nako swerte kaayo ang mapilian na girl #sentisabado
  • 08:16:13: Good morning, imaginary species! Happy #sentisabado but on d other thought, basin wala pa moy TV at that time.
  • 08:18:04: We’ll be off to usc-tc later later,attend my cuz grad.If i were a teen, i’d b excited kay daghan keke.But geezzz,3 na kabook anak.watabore
  • 08:22:06: @SocialBttrfly Yes. Nice docu. It kinda make u hate processed foods. =)
  • 08:24:36: RT @Tawheed: The title “Entrepreneur” is becoming as wide-spread and irrelevant as “social media expert.”
  • 08:27:18: I want to raise kids who can push back peer pressure, and also parent’s pressure.
  • 08:47:57: @boplaksnakelot May iphone pa raffle din doon?
  • 09:21:41: #sentisabado when TV stations don’t yet air dumbing soap operas 24/7.I wonder f d stations’ execs can stand watching their monotonous shows.
  • 09:22:07: Ooopppsss. that was bitter.
  • 09:23:35: @boplaksnakelot Saw a c3. For it’s price, it’s already worth it. =)
  • 09:25:13: I miss the sarcastic humor of abangan ang susunod na kabanata. #sentisabado
  • 11:18:34: Lots of african students in usc. Because it’s cheaper here?
  • 11:18:35: Here now at the big space & so greeny place. Daghan ka date-an ang students. =)
  • 11:48:47: The best part of graduation celebration – pakals! =) chinese food makes me shiznit.
  • 12:00:51: yes,i believe so. but di ko frm usc. =) @boplaksnakelot: owrange Sarap siguro mag aral sa usc
  • 12:14:49: ————————————————————–
    Ovi Mail: Making email access easy
  • 12:17:57: – My soccer jock cuz. congrats & welcome to the new kind of sucker field.
  • 12:20:52: Grrr @nokiaovi email siggy. That’s pic of usc RT owrange Ovi Mail: Making email access easy
  • 12:24:43: RT @LasagnaSurfer: Setting up the @tweetitow trivia. Let’s start early. I need to get some serious rest.
  • 13:09:35: @glowie_bfly Korean pop & japanese pop =)
  • 13:19:45: @glowie_bfly No idea. =) Let’s ask @markjeee.
  • 13:39:40: @LasagnaSurfer Garfield!
  • 14:47:35: Congrats to ur new found richness! RT @LasagnaSurfer: Here are your list of winners for today’s trivia:
  • 14:52:27: @roui926 @lasagnasurfer @twitchangel sure sure.when love & hate collide. Ig mag food review si drunken master
  • 15:14:50: 3 o’clock Prayer. #sentisabado
  • 15:25:09: @glowie_bfly Haha. U’r soo cute =)
  • 15:26:02: Yay! Celebrity status RT @glowie_bfly: Twitter verified baby! I’m a star! haha!
  • 15:27:34: If luis manzano s vilma’s son, si ogie diaz is mura’g anak ni nora.
  • 16:27:46: .RT @markjeee: RT @buhaystartup: My notes from: Lessons Learned at Business Of Software 2010
  • 17:20:05: – Looky at my phone theme. It’s sooo cuteness. Like cottoncandy bubblegum cuteness.
  • 17:45:59: @liezlfabian Yes. Naa daghan sa ovi store or getjar
  • 17:51:41: @pilyosopo Mmm. Di man to libre. Naa to bayad =)))
  • 17:54:25: @Janzukato Cute kaayo ang iring mag dagan2x ig mag sending/loading =)
  • 17:55:04: @pilyosopo Pasalubong na lang frm macao =)
  • 17:58:27: @marrihliesse In japan?
  • 17:59:04: @Clifforever W/ ice-cold coke!
  • 18:06:26: Updates — Ajax Loading & Posting via Email & more
  • 19:03:13: List of countries by number of mobile phones in use – Philippines is #12
  • 19:13:38: Mobile penetration rate reaches the mark of 75% at 2008-end (Philippines)
  • 19:16:03: i heart this @threadless shirt =)
  • 19:21:53: Using Mobile Phones As “Teachers” in The Philippines
  • 19:25:54: sms is really a boring tech. but looking at its penetration — it’s more exciting than the latest smartyfarty phone.
  • 19:27:26: I wonder what’s the consumers reaction if steve jobs would market SMS =)
  • 19:33:46: Oopss let me take those back. Sms is an app any mobile phone can’t live w/out.
  • 19:55:17: @pilyosopo O. Mao ba? pasalubongi na lang jud =) thanks for d info. I’ll check it later.
  • 21:27:02: @haroldjames1988 Kuyawan man sad ta. Abi nako nawala imo fon. Anyhoo,don’t feel so bad na. At least msgs ra nawala. =)))

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