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  • 07:20:12: RT @bri_quebengco: Another Monday… Its truly an acid test. If you look forward to Monday’s, there’s a good chance you’re doing what yo …
  • 07:26:08: RT @rachelsklar: Keep your friends close and your enemies in a Tweetdeck column.
  • 07:35:57: RT @funkatron: I love it when people suddenly stop saying your app “sucks” when you respond to them.
  • 07:44:29: good morning, philippains! Mabuhay! Am i still in the pearl of the orient seas? Yes, we are. Wala diay naanod sa bagyo.
  • 08:07:34: there’s like an hour delay w/ my tweet sent to d sun gateway last night. of course, no sun at night.
  • 08:11:41: RT @tweetitow: I wonder f really exists. RT @nancisingson: @sherylangeli punta ka :D
  • 08:13:27: RT @kuyabob: Collective nouns that do not need to be “pluralized”: equipment, staff, jewelry, etc. Drop the “s” and you’ll be fine.
  • 08:14:28: @kuyabob So no need ‘etceteras’
  • 10:06:58: found a screen capture app now in bb app world. :) iphone has a built-in – that is apple for u. Droid has d worst app for screenshot.
  • 10:16:13: @Ivee I was abt to dwnload muncher kay free. But i dunno d pw. Naki hitch lang ako ng bb =)
  • 10:19:42: Ofcourse,they hav cult! RT @HackerNewsYC: Can the iPhone Thrive in Apple’s Closed Ecosystem?
  • 10:24:39: Goodluck!’grats n advance. RT @bri_quebengco The ilumina LCD iTV is going through its first round of pitching to VCs in the US.Wish us luck!
  • 10:45:48: @bon2bello No. Muncher sthing. Havnt dl it yet. But @ivee says it’s cute. =)
  • 11:16:15: I’m hungrryyyy. I want 1kilo of @balambanliempo all by myself!
  • 11:28:16: @pilyosopo sparkle ako gusto paris. =)
  • 11:32:20: @twitchangel: @roui926 tan-aw lang mo nako kaon kay sayang ang pinagpawisan. =)
  • 12:35:50: @boplaksnakelot Always maganda weather sa cebu. Buyag. =)
  • 12:46:53: @LasagnaSurfer Waaahhh. U seriously getting a dslr. yay, the photographers are doomed.
  • 13:00:43: I doubt ur definition of ‘decent’ =) RT @LasagnaSurfer yup! my digicam broke. i want decent pics thats all. i am no @roui926
  • 13:13:44: @boplaksnakelot Sige sige. sinulog s every 3rd sunday of january =) but that’s quite a busy time.
  • 13:15:38: H to the izz-O, V to the izz-A
    Fo’ shizzle my nizzle used to dribble down in VA
    (hiffhaff yow)
  • 15:41:27: my job when i’m not a mother: watch pop apps, & wish that one day they can feed the hungry, save the whale, & move on to valuable apps.
  • 18:28:36: — Newer Look. Can Be a Sign to a Booming Cebu Web Tech Scene.
  • 18:51:49: — a shot at creating a Philippine digg version
  • 19:01:53: @krizelle01’s not automatic. Will share in a bit.
  • 19:04:54: @boplaksnakelot when creating a new tweet,click the ‘up’ button ng phone mo to turn on the GPS icon for d map –
  • 19:07:44: tired na.not yet done ‘research’ on @helloluis.share lang,u’l have fun reading =)
  • 19:32:19: Golvertestttt
  • 20:02:36: Having probs w/ txting & calling frm my phone. hope @tweetitow’s not that badly affected. =(
  • 20:04:03: anyone having problem here with globe?
  • 20:10:45: .@boplaksnakelot @pilyosopo delays are expected talaga sa sun. weak kasi signal sa lugar namo. so during peak hours, it’s expected.
  • 20:13:50: my friend @LouiseEugenio is looking for web developers.@superpaul, @fredbaa, @paologlim @poymode,or any1 interested.pls msg lonz
  • 20:15:19: ?@twitchangel i mean u can’t text/call from ur globe number? not necessarily to @tweetitow
  • 20:16:27: @boplaksnakelot =(((
  • 20:24:45: Job Post *updated
  • 20:32:11: @boplaksnakelot thanks. i’m testing frm 3 phones w/ globe #, not working talaga call/txt.i guess sthing with globe in this area lang seguro.
  • 20:32:23: @twitchangel thanks, weng.
  • 20:46:34: @krizelle01 sorry about that. it looks like we have some globe probs in our area.
  • 20:52:20: @sondjapao Yes.
  • 20:52:32: @krizelle01 Cebu.
  • 21:00:37: @sondjapao try daw. We’r having probs here sa globe n our area.
  • 21:01:30: @SantDeblois19 it looks like there’s prob with globe network in our area. so have to wait, that globe will b back.
  • 22:15:55: @paologlim It’s lady shoes website daw.pls ask @louiseeugenio for d details. Thanks,pao
  • 22:18:57: Home now.suntesting
  • 22:21:46: Pa touch =) RT @yendreyfus: Test tweet using my bb. :)
  • 22:26:17: Smartyfarty
  • 22:26:54: Glovertestttt2
  • 22:36:00: @sondjapao frm my experience, email/mms is p5 sa globe. Bydway,wala mms support sa @tweetitow ha
  • 22:37:08: I was abt to get depressed then i start to get my mentions/dms. So i think globe network s owkei now. =)
  • 22:40:40: @fredbaa @paologlim naa diay email ni louise sa may ‘job post’ nga tab. Paki check na lang didto. thanks
  • 22:49:26: @ficklebrain Di reliable ang GPS feature sa akong phone. =) sometimes i’m n netherlands, or africa. Owkei na rin.=)
  • 22:54:04: The fishys are cute. =) RT @roui926: watching Piranha. omg ><000)(;> ><000)(;> ><000)(;>
  • 22:57:02: @ficklebrain Kahit isampal ko pa seguro location ko sa mga stalker,di pa rin nila ako i-stalk. hehe. U frm cebu ba?
  • 23:08:21: RT @kiwanja: So completely true. “Information tells, but a story sells”. #poptech
  • 23:15:32: “If you didn’t like your job all that much, how much money would it take to keep you there? And if you…”

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