Heywire – Free SMS / Texting from your iPod Touch App

Ever wonder how you can text from your ipod touch just like from any regular celphone? Heywire is an iPod Touch / iPhone application that can let you send SMS / text to a regular mobile number any country in the world, including Philippines (kindly double check on their list of countries covered).

Anyhoo, I tested it by sendig a text to my Globe celphone number, and it worked. I received the SMS I sent via heywire. In short, it can be a way to send free text from your ipod touch or iphone to any mobile numbers in the Philippines — globe / tm, smart / tnt, sun cellular.

It has also an instant messaging feature, and also facebook chat. But I have’t used them.

Following was the test SMS / text I sent from Heywire iPod touch application to my Globe number.


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38 responses to “Heywire – Free SMS / Texting from your iPod Touch App

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  4. Soy quien qeieres para amigo

  5. Anonymous

    where can i get this pls…?

  6. Anonymous

    I dont know what a have to do with those numbers

  7. Anonymous

    I need help with hey wire

  8. Anonymous

    It wont work
    On my
    Iphone i cant register damn

  9. Anonymous

    You such haha

  10. Anonymous

    Heywire is not so great – your friends are going to rack up big text messaging charges replying to your texts!! They dont warn you about that!!

  11. Anonymous

    this works good :-D

  12. Crap, I wasnt even able to use it! :(

  13. sceiy

    i cant send a msg bacause it says that heywire only supports delivery of msgs to other heywire users in the country..

  14. Chinx

    for those who are asking, Heywire no longer support free messaging here in the philippines. Just recently, Heywire removed this country.

    Worldwide to any HeyWire Number is FREE.
    From HeyWire to any phone in USA, Canada & Caribbean is FREE
    With friends in the USA is FREE
    When traveling anywhere in the world, texting back to any USA, Canada & Caribbean is FREE
    When living in another country, texting back to any phone in USA, Canada & Caribbean is FREE

    *In all cases normal mobile data rates apply unless on Wifi
    **Friends get charged by mobile operators for text messaging to a +1 USA Phone Number

  15. tweetybird

    can u call for free as well because i will only download if it can call too and if not i will just stick with textfree.

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      sorry, i use it on my ipodtouch so i’m not really sure with it’s call capabality.

  16. Ryan Khan

    I recently downloaded HeyWire and the problem is, i cnt get it to pass the authorizing stage, it says “unable to authorize this device. Please check your internet connection” i already checked the internet connection and it’s fine..HELP ME PLS!

  17. pat

    if i use heywire to txt people will the phone numbers show on my phone bill?

  18. Patrick

    I have just downloaded HeyWire to my Android phone and I’m planning to use it to text my boyfriend in the U.S. =) Question is, will he get billed if he replies to my HeyWire message? Please help. Thanks! (:

  19. ian

    How I use in heywire in Canada!
    I text philippines using heywire! On the signature option of heywire I put my smart roaming number for them to reply so it doesnt cost them alot of money.

    I’ll be going to the philippines next month! Can you guy reply how fast the 3g network is in the Philippines–

    I’m gonna use my IPHONE4 and put a smart sim card in it and have unlimited internet soo I can just use that to send heywire texts and receive regular sms text from SMART!

    to text philippines using heywire if you’re from North America
    +63 9.. … …. make sure to have the plus sign–
    It works on mine

    Let me know if any of you have tried that method overseas.

  20. cata sc

    how can i send a sms from my ipod touch with heywire to another ipod touch with heywire?? because i can send to mobile phones but it doesnt work to another ipods!

  21. killuarey

    I have a question?
    Does “Heywire” works without wifi connection?
    I am planning to buy an Ipod touch and I want to make sure if the SMS / Texting from your iPod Touch App works without any wifi connections.

  22. these are the things to remember:
    1. Sending txt message to local numbers: use the 09++ number and not +639 or 639+++ number
    2.. You need to have a wifi or 3g connection when sending text or calling through haywire. If you’re offline and tried to call, it will revert to your respective local carrier. (i’m not sure if it will be charged to your bill, but you can call off even offline)
    3. When texting international, do not use the international format with the 00 prefix. just the direct countrycode plus phone number.
    4. Use 0917 or 0918, 0922 etc and do not use +63 or 63 when calling here in the philippines

    • correction!!
      if you are texting in the philippines, use the 639**** do not include the + sign.

      If you are calling in the philippines, use 09*** ang not 639

      • Anonymous

        Fyi, Philippines is not covered anymore texting from US. Used to be. I think this happen just recently. I just used it on April 9, 2011. But 2 days after it doesn’t work anymore!! And when I checked the settings, sure enough Philippines is NOT included.

  23. Maic

    I couldn’t text my own globe and sun numbers. I have tried texting my girlfriend in the US and it worked. Im in the phil right now and i have tried txting my own number using 01163915.. 63915.. And 0915… but i haven’t recieved any. Need help.

    • Rose Buenconsejo

      maybe you should check with them. i cannot address ur concern. thanks

  24. loan lee

    it has paying fee for this ?

  25. Anonymous

    i have a question my girlfriend recieves my text from heywire how can she text back..she’s from the philippines,,

  26. …. ;
    want to send free sms worldwide?
    try this site


    Is the best free sms site i think

  27. kathy

    Hi! Just found this site coz I was researching more about Haywire. But I just wanna comment that it works! My friend in the US and my father in law in Japan received my messages. Only question I have is, if they reply to me will they get billed or will they have to pay for it? THought you might know the answer. I know I’ve read somewhere that it’s free but just wanna make sure.. Thanks :)

    • only those with haywire account will not be billed.
      in your case, you will not be billed. But if they reply to your haywire account number, they will be billed because it will appear as if they are texting someone in the states because your haywire number is based in the US.

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