From Twitter 10-28-2010

  • 02:03:39: i’m done for now. wil be the last ever domain name i buy, & last online dumpsite of mine.nooo mooreee of me shitting arnd.
  • 02:05:06: another new headshot of mine.dili na si zoraya ha.ako naaaa. atay na lang.
  • 02:05:58: @chrysiafranco u can find friends from twitter from formspring, then i follow all ata =) hehe
  • 02:07:12: RT @Support: We’ve re-enabled image uploads for avatars and user backgrounds.
  • 02:10:16: deadline for my being a bum is this year,i’ll be bummer =)
  • 07:49:10: Good morning, myself.
  • 09:10:58: the wordpress ipod app is wacked. or is it me?
  • 09:25:42: oh why i can’t trasnfer files from ipod to other devices via bluetooth??? or it’s just me?
  • 09:26:41: @ficklebrain it’s slow & crashes a lot.but my probs this time s that hindi sya makita sa site,or the pics i attached are messed up.
  • 09:29:21: @czarovic @mr_perk thanks for the morning greetings, rusherssss!
  • 09:29:47: @roui926 @a_torri woshi moshi thanks
  • 09:40:46: @mr_perk nooo. sabay kayo nag greet sa akin. pwamis.baka it’s a sign. =) @kuyabob
  • 10:17:57: something i learned today, i can create ipod/iphone apps links frm here =) happyme =)
  • 10:25:55: @ron_is_mojacko thanks. enjoy ur dayyyy
  • 11:51:49: Sunshinethrumywindowthatswhatur
  • 11:52:49: @anna1234456 u can tweet even f ur acct s private
  • 14:04:26: Write, Post and Earn — MyTravelPhilippines Mobile Articles.
  • 15:05:43: @mr_perk sige go.i just find it randomly.and it looks legit naman.they have an ipod/iphone app.
  • 15:09:39: Its been 6 days since we passed PicLyf Snap for the iphone & ipod touch. trying to be patient… – PicLyf – wooot
  • 15:13:03: @mr_perk ako din. i reg.though hindi naman ako nag tatravel. haha =)
  • 16:20:47: RT @ericzoo: gave some TLC to the piclyf blog. used site5 theme Simplo check it out at
  • 16:59:00: The InkSquad — what you think, we ink my artsy fartsy shirtyyy =)
  • 17:01:06: @mr_perk yaa. i saw ur bohol post. inggit much. havent been to bohol kahit isang breast stroke ko lang sana.
  • 17:01:34: @mr_perk punta ka din ng cebu ha. ililibre kita… ng credits =)
  • 17:01:52: @aaronPauL06 welcomeeeee =)
  • 17:05:34: @mr_perk tourist spot na ako. no need to go far. haha. dalhin kita sa tarzan. =)
  • 17:49:48: @ron_is_mojacko: sige puntahan mo na iyan dito.pag di mo makita, si tarzan na lang pakita ko sa iyo. @mr_perk
  • 18:48:53: Waiting for vhire for ‘lacion. Where art thy? Had red mango.i still can’t get this frozen yogurt thing.
  • 18:51:35: I feel so richhh. I has 2 rustan paper bags w/ just animal-shaped rubber bands inside them =)
  • 18:51:51: @ron_is_mojacko yes. Tig p100 lang each tarzan. =)
  • 18:56:20: @EngrMartie tood noh. =( gusto nako mouli sayo kay ako dad-on sa peryahan ako kaanakan =( looks like balik na lang ko it park ani @markjeee
  • 19:05:45: @EngrMartie di ko. Cheap man ko.hehe Bitaw oy,samok kaayo mag taxi ron orasa.Daghan kayo yawyaw driver. Anyhoo,kasakay nakog vhire =)
  • 21:08:51: In peryahan w/ d kids.& it’s raining hard! @markjeee sakto na dota.kuhaa mi dir!
  • 22:00:14: Groupie cheerleaders, sorry was late in sharing.
  • 22:02:30: Home now frm the peryahan. Gassss, i think @tweetitow is down. Will wait for mark to b home to he can restart d server.
  • 22:03:04: @SantDeblois19 yes, i think so. Soweee
  • 22:05:57: @rixmaestro Yes.but can’t guarantee, all will b posted.
  • 22:40:56: @EngrMartie Ulan man kaayo oy. Masakit nya mo mamista sa amo. Hehe
  • 22:48:14: Prettiesss RT @DABieberVille: Me and my friend (;
  • 23:10:50: hala,1st time i got a msg for some job inquiry at work diay ang linkedin. =) nalingawwww ko.
  • 23:14:51: @EngrMartie traffic ra ba kaayo na. mahasol nya ka. hehe
  • 23:20:55: it’s a sign i should get a job when i got this msg at linkedin.feeling long hair since it’s frm a company w/ site has that ‘leveraging’ word
  • 23:28:55: @ForeverTracking So to which acct should i share?

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