From Twitter 10-29-2010

  • 00:50:11: double good morning, myself!
  • 09:09:18: @beabalcom Shared w/ u already. Kindly check it
  • 09:09:50: CheetosRT @LasagnaSurfer: Hurr durr! Food blog updated with Chef Ryla’s featured recipe, DOUBLE CHEESE BAKED MACARONI!
  • 09:11:25: Lol RT @Clifforever: naglabad akong ulo aning mga PHOTOSHOOT nga ga sige ug hubo hubo.. minatay klaro ra ang mga make-up dong.. bayot jud!
  • 09:16:23: @markjeee Nag chardotcom lagi ka. Naa pa’y next big thing.
  • 09:16:42: .RT @markjeee: I’m looking for a few freelance Ruby kids and a team to do corporate websites (whole nine yards). Anyone out there available?
  • 09:18:40: @markjeee RT @HarvardResearch: Many Korean-Americans’ mental health issues arise from intercultural and intergenerational
  • 09:39:00: so fring was the 1st app i installed in my ipod.was checking my download history. & i think it’s d 1st app i also installed in my nokia =)
  • 10:51:32: @glaizaT kindly check d support page at thanks
  • 11:21:44: I’m testing d gateway.the thing is it’s brownout, so no no way i can check if this gets posted. gahhh
  • 11:32:19: @choldmhist thanks.I dm myself to check.hehe It’s d 0927 w/c s down. Na hang na naman seguro./cc @markjeee &thanks @shezzie11 for txting me
  • 11:45:17: Cherry Mobile Sale – P1 & M33 TV Phone
  • 12:20:05: @beabalcom i check works on my end.u using a globe#?when was d last time u check?
  • 12:30:54: @beabalcom u’r not online pala.pls send ‘/on’ so u can receive updates.
  • 15:07:38: RT @boplaksnakelot: “Hindi lahat ng PARTY ay MASAYA” 
- 3RD PARTY (ngeeek)

”Hindi lahat ng 13 ay MALAS.”
- 13TH MONTH PAY (yeah!)

”Hi. …
  • 18:22:26: Just woke up frm a long nap.brownout =(
  • 18:35:43: Glad we can’t attend the trick or treat tomorrow. i kinda feel it’s superficial. U know d subdivision kids get to b…
  • 18:39:58: @officialshiella u change username?
  • 18:43:47: hay day kon di ka kabawo, ayaw na lang patuga. Oki.
  • 18:46:33: @beabalcom i checked.u’r still not online. did u send ‘/on’ already?
  • 21:44:46: @nielquisaba,mr. Moon’s father. At the pista earlier.
  • 21:45:19: @officialshiella U change username?
  • 21:45:25: @glaizaT Yes.
  • 21:45:29: .RT @likke: Join my freakin cheap ass contest please. :D
  • 23:51:18: @filjedi i received your email. thanks a lot. =) i think i have more than enough to get started with =)

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