From Twitter 10-30-2010

  • 01:39:53: i feel such a whizzz.i was able to point right away the cause of the mess with just one look at the htmlssss. i’m scared of htmlssss.
  • 07:51:51: @pilyosopo Basin mura sad bugaw ila maestro =)
  • 07:57:13: tarush RT @TechCrunch: some clarification from Twitter — screenshots of tweets still okay for bloggers to use
  • 08:00:03: @pilyosopo Or basin mura lang ka target market nila. =)
  • 08:05:57: Trick or tit, anyone!
  • 08:07:08: Maayong buntag, tooters! =)
  • 08:08:40: i ran out of things to Tweet. Test
  • 08:39:02: RT @Kiva: Kaajal Laungani #kivafellows demystifies Islamic microfinance in the Philippines on @socialedge blog #kiva
  • 09:47:16: .RT @iA: No, not *everyone* has an iPhone: Apple’s mobile phone market share: 4.1%
  • 09:48:21: RT @choldmhist: Day One of Pocket WiFi: FAIL. Couldn’t even get Google’s homepage to load. Will try strategic router positions tomorrow. …
  • 09:48:55: @ohgelie What’s d plate #? Hxx xxx? Hehe
  • 09:52:43: Yehey.49 days until my christmas gift frm -> RT @pilyosopo: 49 days until Xmas vacation!
  • 10:11:26: i now know how to edit / rotate pictures in ipod. =) rotate d ipod so d pic will also rotate then screenshot it =)
  • 10:13:12: for idunnowhy,ipod touch doesnt have that feature which lets u edit then rotate images.
  • 10:14:48: & transferring images in batch frm ipod to another device is a seems apple assumes all users w/ ipod also have apple devices.
  • 10:16:12: yaa i know, i’m just bitter. coz i can’t afford all d shining shimmering sparkly white stuff of jobs
  • 10:19:30: @markjeee haha. as if wa nailad sa pay liteeeee… forever on ur life!
  • 11:13:30: checking the android market for my — interesting to see more interesting apps in droid by #phmodev =)
  • 12:01:08: @ericzoo Coz u said so. Hehe bitaw oy,as u said, kapoy xplain tong otapp.
  • 12:19:08: @ericzoo Thanks. Phporn na sunod ani. Hehe approve na ang piclyf snap ba?
  • 13:18:12: Pet peeve: long annoying sign up process in apps.
  • 13:32:31: “Test “:
  • 13:52:55: Owww nose. Kusog kaayo ulan.sundance na ta @supergoddess27 =)
  • 14:00:24: @likke diri ra sa ‘lacion.wa ko idea sa city. But nawala naman sad.
  • 15:15:29: @khristianie moadto mo @kornbito sa bday?
  • 15:31:59: Off now to keihla’s pool pertyyy =) @supergoddess27
  • 17:59:11: Here at metropark for keihla’s dedication. =)

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