From Twitter 10-31-2010

  • 11:10:07: Rainnnn =) RT @ThereseHabana: Boooooooooooo-ring!
  • 11:38:50: @princejarie @LasagnaSurfer @roui926 @iamWALP thanks. Every day is halloween for me =)
  • 11:39:59: Happy hallowin! =)
  • 12:05:04: RT @writerforce: “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” –Richard Bach
  • 12:49:32: piniritong danggit for lunch. Burnt w/ love by me! =)
  • 12:49:55: Owww nose. @supergoddess27,ulan kaayo diri sa amo.
  • 13:06:21: @supergoddess27,ulan kaayo diri sa amo. -> yay. Na sent. for ystrday pa ni.
  • 14:33:50: @tatskie2008 got ur msg re ur acct not able to switch to twitter.already told @markjeee to check on it. feel free to msg me to remind. thank
  • 14:50:12: @ragenstevart na curious ko sa imo celebrities ‘client’?
  • 15:06:05: will post some android apps by #phmodev to my =)
  • 15:24:41: just realized that android apps can be sold anywhere but there’s no one place where i can find a master list of them all.
  • 17:00:48: i need to use thunderbird. i wonder if it has a web-based version. me hates dl / installing coz lazy much.
  • 17:04:14: @roui926 @twitchangel mag unsa ka lacion? Mana pista =)
  • 17:14:31: @chrysiafranco Trick or treat is just addtl garbage. =)
  • 19:12:43: No need for costume =) RT @roui926: @princejarie @LasagnaSurfer @iamWALP omg. is it Halloween already. i need my JOLLIBEE MASCOT costume.

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