From Twitter 11-01-2010

  • 07:28:27: @ohgelie they just ran out of chismis =)
  • 07:31:53: RT @JC_House: Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person. -Mother Teresa
  • 07:44:44: RT @iannucup: People cry not because LOVE ends, but because it still continues.. even if it’s OVER.
  • 09:45:16: Instant pancakes & burnt (as usual) hotdogs, eggs – an All Soul’s breakfast.
  • 09:48:49: Just after cooking for bfast,now i hav to prep for lunch. Might as well cook enough until december. I HATE cooking!
  • 09:51:19: @MariohCaryo Ang gwapo mo naman! @mr_perk @malditabear @kitecruz @baditz17 @asnallar @yazrei @purple_raine @Abernathy24 @lil_finger
  • 10:38:38: Why is that so? RT @choldmhist: I really am socially awkward, no?
  • 10:54:43: Wants to listen to some music in this house but we don’t hav radio / cassette.
  • 12:45:43: Dump the whole kilo of frozen chicken for tinola. After water boils,it’s still frozen. Guess another burnt meal for this family.
  • 13:00:45: @beachbumMD Diin nga horror house? Naa didto si janice? Hehe
  • 13:22:10: Notad =) RT @milky7me: It should be on facebook and on Twitter, not “in”#Justsaying
  • 13:39:45: Sweettt =) RT @ericzoo: all saints day celebration with the wife side celebration
  • 13:41:15: Model fam breadwinner RT @AllenYu26: Good night peeps! Wake me up ha! I can’t be late. I have to work. I have 10 kids and 10 wives to feed.
  • 13:41:59: lol RT @bobbyjonc: Laughtrip! Hahaha! :)) RT @ogiediaz: “@honeykosichen26: @ogiediaz si NINA ba ng ASAP walang lastname? — Kawan po.
  • 14:16:42: Life Stories — real life stories aggregator Android app:
  • 14:36:31: i don’t like plagiarism but i find it funny those copyright infringement warnings on blogs.
  • 14:50:46: @aiysic unsa imo gisuwat? another masterpiece?
  • 14:51:36: got a new headshot time for the halloween. =)
  • 14:56:42: @aiysic unsa gali to imo typepad blog?
  • 14:59:20: i need darkness and silence to do the ‘sequel.’ more like i’m wishing for death.
  • 16:05:12: 2 globe gateways kind of where-are-you
  • 16:06:16: Social network s showing na in cebu. Wanna watch! Coz yaa know, i’m social… Minus the network =)
  • 17:24:16: It takes a flop newton before iphone. What can be our flop before our iphone.
  • 17:27:55: 0905 is not working for me.but @markjeee insists it’s working. Any1 who’s in the same boat with me?
  • 17:36:05: Gloverrrtastemeee
  • 20:02:30: @digitalfilipino Why vizconde massacre?
  • 20:28:45: can a person who calls his self UI designer and uses all types of fonts on his website be trusted.
  • 21:26:53: i noticed more reviews are submmited in android market than in itunes / appstore.
  • 21:30:25: RT @ericzoo: updated. check out the sexy new submenu bar and the user page that are half-done but still rolled out (living on …

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