Globe Email-to-Go — email via text / sms

I’ve been looking for this kind of service (you can find my post about this here). Then, I discover that Globe is offering Email-to-Go. After you register your email account to Globe’s Email-to-Go, you will receive a text / SMS alert if you have a new email.

Following is the complete mechanics on how to register and use Globe’s Email-to-Go. It’s lifted from

Email-on-the-Go (EGO) allows a subscriber to get their emails “pushed” to their mobile device in real-time:

ON PUSH allows you to get full email.
To activate, text ON PUSH to 2246. Ex: ON PUSH P2.50/text.

ON ALERT allows you to get a summery of the email, which contain the name and email address of the sender, timestamp, email ID and subject only.
To activate, text ON ALERT to 2246. Ex: ON ALERT P2.50/text.

STOP ALL allows you to opt-out, text STOP PUSHMAIL to 2246.

TAG allows you to link an email account to your EGO account.
To activate, text TAG to 2246 for FREE. Ex: TAG password.

UNTAG allows you to remove an email account from your EGO account.
To activate, text UNTAG to 2246. Ex: UNTAG P2.50/text.

READ allows you to retrieve an email from your tagged accounts.
To activate, text READ to 2246. Ex: READ 12345. P2.50/text.

SEND to send an email to another person from your mobile phone.
To activate, text SEND to 2246. Ex: SEND Hello there! I am back. P2.50/text.

REPLY / REPLYALL allow you to reply to the sender of the email, or everyone in the mail loop.
To activate, text REPLY / REPLYALL to 2246. Ex: REPLY 12345 Hello there! I am back. P2.50/text.

FORWARD allows you to forward the message to another recipient.
To activate, text FORWARD to 2246. Ex: FORWARD 1234 Got this from JYak. P2.50/text.

ADD allows you to put in an entry to your contact list.
To activate, text ADD to 2246. Ex: ADD Mano P2.50/text.

REMOVE allows you to take out an entry from your contact list.
To activate, text REMOVE or to 2246. Ex: REMOVE George. P2.50/text.

LIST allows you to list the entries of your contact List.
To activate, text LIST 2246. Ex: LIST. P2.50/text.

FIND allows you to search your contact list based on a query string.
To activate, text FIND to 2246. Ex: FIND Mano. P2.50/text.

BLOCK allows you to add an email address or domain you your blacklist. You will not receive any email from it.
To activate, text BLOCK to 2246. Ex: BLOCK P2.50/text.

UNBLOCK allows you to remove an email address or domain from your blacklist.
To activate, text UNBLOCK to 2246. Ex: UNLOCK P2.50/text.

TRUST allows you to whitelist email addresses or domain names so you receive email alerts.
To whitelist, text TRUST to 2246. Ex: TRUST P2.50/txt

DENY allows you to remove an email address or domain from your whitelist.
To delist, text DENY to 2246. Ex: DENY P2.50/txt.

This service is provided by a a 3rd-party service provider, UnoMobi — which is based in Toronto and San Francisco.

Following are screenshots of the Email-to-Go texts I received from my mobile phone. Proof that it works!

I was also able to reply to an email via text / SMS.

The basic rates are P1.00 for the text alerts, and P2.50 for the rest. I feel the rate is a little bit high, especially if you’ll be receiving bulks of email It will be nice to have a one-time flat fee. But then if your email is very important like business deals — price is fair enough.


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8 responses to “Globe Email-to-Go — email via text / sms

  1. Anonymous

    So how does one register to this facility?

  2. Anonymous

    maaari po ba ninyong i-block ang sim na 09261865917 upang hindi na pamarisan ng iba sa pang aalipusta ngkapwa tao?

  3. Anonymous

    Kung maari po sana bigyan nyo ng advice ang taong may hawak na number na 09261865917 na huwag magtetext ng masasama sa kapwa sapagkat nakakasakit siya ng damdamin ng kapwa nya

    • Anonymous

      dapat po ang celpon ay ginagamit lang sa mga napakakahalagang bagay na pagpapadala ng mga messages,bakit po ang taong may hawak ng number na 09261865917 ay walang ginagawa kundi sirain ang katauhan ng kapwa?isang kasiraan po ito ng TM Globe Company ang magkaroon ng ganitong klaseng tao na gumagamit ng inyong produkto

  4. Sana meron silang, RECEIVE ONLY na option… like, if gusto mo ma-receive about or from,.. Multiply lang ang ise-send nila na alert.. d ba?

    Thanks for your blog!
    I hope, gagana ito sa kait anong phone.


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