Globalization is not only about US market

I had a talk with some not-so-random market-entry specialist guy. He was talking about globalization, while at the back of my head, I was thinking about Fidel Castro’s anti-globalization principle.

Following are my random afterthoughts:

  • knowing English language like it’s our 1st language has disadvantages. One is that US products or any english-‘speaking’ products can easily get foothold in our market therefore it can easily kill the local products. If we are not comfortable with English language/culture, we need products costumized to Filipino language/culture. So local procudts can have more ‘laban’ because of course we will pick the item that we are more comfortable to use.
  • We kind of so hooked up with English language, we somehow forget the Japanese / S Korea / China and other non-english speaking markets. Creating our product with majorly targetting US or english-speaking markets, we lose the opportunity of entering those other markets. And, US may kind be of already saturated. Everybody is targetting it.

This globalization makes me look at LG vs Cherry Mobile. With LG’s 50% promo, how can a local mobile maker compete with that.

  • Cherry Mobile as a new player will have a hard time offering prices that low. I’m no business person but they’re probably still in the stage of getting back their investments.

So imagine if we are not comfortable with English language, we mostly will go for Cherry Mobile (assuming they offer customizations for our culture) over LG’s. You might argue that LG means savings. But seeing it on a national economic level, paying LG means money going out of our country. While paying for A cherry mobile means ‘most’ money stay here in PH, w/c will then create more jobs & other local opportunities.

I guess that’s probably why local brands in Japan and Skorea rule in their country because they can’t speak English much so they need products that speak their own language.

Owkei, that was a lame logic but.

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