From Twitter 11-15-2010

  • 07:19:49: Maayong buntag,self. milagro – i’m up this early. =)
  • 07:21:55: .RT @newsycombinator: I am a hacker, not a decorator – Design candies are not for me
  • 09:16:38: @milky7me When peso = us dollar =)
  • 09:17:53: @czarinamaye Para tipid =) hehe
  • 09:43:28: “The old Silicon Valley was about solving really hard problems, making technical bets. But there’s no…”
  • 10:51:08: Lol RT @hudaz_MD: Hindi tayo hayop, hindi tayo tao. Bagay tayo, Bagay! :) lmao
  • 10:54:36: RT @chikka: Starting today, Chikka is giving away a brand new iPad. Log in to and start Chikka texting now to w …
  • 12:13:06: The ates are watching replay of pakyaw fight.i havnt watched a pakyaw fight but i’d seen him b4 played in wacky games of MTB (old wowowee)
  • 12:17:03: Lol RT @joshtadena There s no perfect program/application n d world of computers.Stop whining if you can’t even create one, Mr. End User! XD
  • 12:18:51: What’s Pilipinas kay Ganda? New name of umagang kay ganda?
  • 12:20:43: I just love looking at pile of books RT @ryanandaya: 5 more books to go :p
  • 13:19:04: happy contented boy w/ kuya’s ‘endo’ =)
  • 13:23:43: migi’s playing some wii war games, mati’s playing mario kart – how can i have peace in this house.
  • 14:32:43: Will clean up this e63.will give this to MIL so she will no longer demand an e72. Hehe =)
  • 14:33:39: Happy, ticked off 1 to-do item in my list. =)
  • 14:34:56: Enjoyph has apps across all OS platforms w/ different developers for each OS. Make sense? #phmodev
  • 14:35:28: @kymellow Naa diay ka e-lamp?
  • 14:36:37: same here. =) RT @JILLwentupdhill: Ngayon ko lang nalaman na ang english pala ng “Sayote” ay “Chayote”. HAHAHA! Random lang. :))
  • 14:49:30: I wish chikka can make their app less complicated to use.
  • 14:52:20: i couldn’t quite get what’s the fuss w/ edge coaster offered by forgotthename of the hotel in cebu.
  • 16:07:20: RT @janole: I’m a bit puzzled that I receive quite a lot of license transfer requests from users with a broken N8 replacing it with anot …
  • 17:15:08: Beta – Free Web-Based Tool for Invoicing / Billing & Receiving Payment
  • 17:42:34: @shikishiji it’s not mine man. =) but yes, it’s cute. =)
  • 17:43:10: @haroldjames1988 my kids prefer jollibee over mcdo jud. sthing abt the chicken taste. do u have recipe for ur pancake? hehe
  • 17:44:28: happy2x. ticked off item 2 on my to-do list. =)
  • 18:50:15: @haroldjames1988 I prefer d mcdo toys though.they’re more sturdy =) @jovrien @Janzukato
  • 19:51:36: happy tick off another item on my to-do list. hardhar =) now to my kid’s assignment. hayst.
  • 20:08:16: @janole More people will stick to nokia, meaning more people will use #gravity.there r stuff d competitors cannot ever do. =)
  • 20:19:30: malaki pa sa lotto =) penge =)RT @boplaksnakelot: 13th month pay + christmas bonus + cash gift + “additional bonus pa” .. Ikaw Na!
  • 22:25:13: “Do we want more junk shops – or more design and production shops?” – new blog post – A Question of Value…
  • 22:32:20: “Best design is not designed. Best design is least designed. Best design is ugly – and it works.” – I am a…
  • 22:38:05: “If you don’t have haters, you’re doing something wrong, or, you’re doing something that doesn’t matter.”
  • 22:50:31: User Interface (UI) vs. User Experience (UX)
  • 23:24:00: @ilovemz owkeis. done. thanks again, sweet couple Mikee & Lyza. how long have u been sweethearts? =)

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