Major Brands Commit Close to US$4M to Mobile Advertising to My Reward My Globe Plus

Groundbreaking Start for Out There Media and Globe Telecom in the Philippines
As Major Brands Commit Close to US$4M to Mobile Advertising

Manila and Singapore – October 15, 2010 – Hours after Out There Media, the global leader in mobile advertising, and Globe Telecom announced their partnership in the Philippines, major brands including HSBC, McDonald’s and Unilever have come forward to commit close to US$4 million in advertising spend on the mobile channel in the country. This morning, Out There Media and Globe Telecom rolled out a comprehensive Mobile Advertising offering titled “My Rewards, My Globe Plus” in the Philippines.

“This is a phenomenal start for Out There Media as we kick off our partnership with Globe, with close to US$4 million being earmarked for mobile advertising by premium brands. Asia is already leading in many aspects of mobile advertising and now the Philippines is taking centre stage with these companies putting their trust in the mobile medium,” said Kerstin Trikalitis, CEO of Out There Media.

“Unilever is constantly looking for new ways to engage with our target audience. Getting into mobile advertising is in line with our global strategy to lead in digital,” said Ed Sunico, Media Director at Unilever Philippines. “Mobile has the potential to deliver both scale and engagement and is adaptable to deliver to a number of brand objectives. Now, we will be directly in contact with hundreds of thousands of our target group, engaging with them in the most personal way possible which is through their mobile handsets.”

Ernest Cu, President and CEO of Globe, expressed his enthusiasm in providing another value-added service to local consumers.  “Globe brings another first for mobile users in the country. We see Mobile Advertising will create a new segment in the local advertising industry.  More importantly, this new service will enable our subscribers to get more out of the brands they love.  By integrating this opt-in service into our rewards program, we hope to give another superior experience for our customers, exclusively from Globe.”

Well, if you have millions of mobile numbers in database as prospect recipients of ADS — you’re worth the millions.

Telco’s google envy?

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