From Twitter 11-19-2010

  • 08:42:26: @johnarcews the only senior ruby devs i know are @markjeee’s workmates. I can’t refer them to u or else wala ng kasama asawa ko. Hehe
  • 08:43:11: @johnarcews bitaw, I’ll ask around. =)
  • 08:50:55: @ariannechan Oy libre na ka’g pan ana =) haha na hypnotized
  • 08:52:59: RT @HackerChick: your excitement & passion & ability to tell your story around your idea is what REALLY gets you funded-Jeff Taylor
  • 09:04:00: RT @GetJar: Wow – Yahoo! MOBILE search pulls app results from GetJar:
  • 09:31:13: i feel i am such a troll for a person to email me to not ‘yet’ write about their product.
  • 10:12:42: @ariannechan Nurse turned pastry chef =)
  • 10:33:57: Haha. Bitaw mas dali seguro ma chef nurse kay sa chief nurse. RT @ariannechan: Oohh. Chef nurse. Me likey ;)
  • 10:50:37: Gidamgo ko nga 4hrs before the wedding nangita pa kog dress sa countrymall para sa wedding ni @khristianie =)
  • 11:04:38: Outside of ayala is littered with iphone4 php 3,799 – iphone 4 is all yours.Really,i should pay 4t/mo for 2yrs for iphone4?!
  • 11:12:33: and it’s going to be laos b4 my 2-yr lock contract ends RT @rukku That’d add up to 91,176 in two years. Haha.
  • 11:25:42: 2nd time in sbc for it’s 2years of existence n cebu. I still prefer the more bitter taste of sbux.or maybe i just ordered d wrong drink.
  • 11:30:17: Koya, mas malaki pa yan sa sinsisweldo nyo sa akin.hehe RT @kuyabob that’s P90K+ for a phone (consumable naman daw)
  • 11:42:44: Dear nokia, addictive just doesn’t sound right.maybe u should drop it. -> For addictive, fun and award-winning game…
  • 14:26:20: Gutommmm. still here in skycable to get internet conexion.
  • 15:59:44: yey. got my invite! =) now, i will sell myself!
  • 19:18:16: @ferdzdecena hi.i hope u don’t mind me asking over twitter.i would like to know who develop your ‘Ironwulf En Route’ symbian app.thanks
  • 19:49:57: @ferdzdecena wow.thanks a lot for the info.i thought u have someone worked on ur blog’s app.

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