LibrengTeks New Feature: Send Email via Text / SMS for Free


Last month, I wrote about LibrengTeks which you can use to send free text messages to any Philippine mobile networks — Sun Cellular, Smart, Talk N Text, Globe, and Touch Mobile.

I revisited their site today, and I saw in their FAQ page that you can also send emails via text through LibrengTeks — isn’t it sweet! Following is how to, which I lifted from their site, send emails using text or SMS via LibrengTeks:

D) Using my Philippine based cellphone, how can I use LibrengTeks to send emails?

Message format should be “TO><space>Your message.
Example: If I am a Globe subscriber and want to send a free email to
I type my message as: TO> My friend! Sinend ko to gamit ang librengteks. Ayos ba?

Then send to the LibrengTeks Globe hotline which is 0915 491 2875 .
(The list of hotline numbers is here)

If our hotline for a network/carrier is offline, you can use the hotline for another network. But, of course, you will be charged the usual network-network charges. Example, if Im a Smart user and want to send email using my cellphone, even though the Smart hotline for LibrengTeks is offline, I simply send my message to the Globe hotline (if it’s online), and your message will be sent. Smart will charge ou the usual 1.00 (or is it 1.50 or 2.00?) for sending a message to another network.


I tried it, and it works.

Email Via TExt / SMS sent through

The Email from Librengteks sent via SMS / Text as viewed from my gmail email account


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