From Twitter 11-30-2010

  • 07:57:35: @marrihliesse Studio type ang la wala ata na divisions for rooms. i’ll ask leah ug uban.
  • 08:03:20: Kikeru kikiru kekero. Futa me futa yow. Good morning, asia! mahal kita, @realtaeyang!
  • 08:23:08: @ohgelie Wala sila’y sthing like itunes?
  • 08:24:24: RT @dw2: reading “Symbian’s Secret History: The battle for the company’s soul. How Nokia took charge and never let go”
  • 08:44:00: @supergoddess27 Aha ko kita’g nice nga cheap nga body shaper? Og pa facial sad?
  • 08:44:39: @LasagnaSurfer What books u need man? Basin comics section na imo adtoan.
  • 08:48:33: @mimi_herrera What happen,mims?
  • 08:52:02: @MarvinRaden Doc, may gprs naman seguro dyan. Where’s pagudpud pala? Palawan? pardon my intellect =)
  • 08:53:22: @LasagnaSurfer Practise ur google skills na lang. Hehe
  • 08:53:54: RT @mrsbeorski: @beorski RT @AncientProverbs: Giving your son a skill is better than giving him one thousand pieces of gold. -Chinese Pr …
  • 08:59:23: Blissed!hayyy,kainggit! RT @MarvinRaden: Prayers. Sunrise. Fisherfolk. White crabs. Salty breeze. Puca shells. Clou…
  • 09:42:12: @GeniBieba Welcome
  • 09:44:17: RT @karenei: It is not enough to be busy. The question is, ‘What are we busy about?’ – henry david thoreau #fb
  • 10:12:03: @AnaAviso Who’s ur favorite kpop? Dm u,bydway.
  • 10:46:15: @mimi_herrera huh. sa cebu na sya nahitabo?
  • 11:43:52: Here at medical arts for ff-up checkup.quite a long list waiting for d doctor.should have brought a book
  • 12:04:03: I’m always amazed at how med reps work.they’re like here, there, and everywhere.
  • 12:17:01: @smartcares to what # should UNLI25 be sent to? thanks
  • 12:17:47: @matthewutitco do u belong to a group? Kindly refer to ur grp leader. Thanks for asking
  • 12:31:57: Why do people need to be sick? Can we just die in sleep? -> it’ll be a good’s depressing to see sick people,rich or poor.
  • 12:45:21: Saw a cute lesbian couple w/c makes me think i don’t really mind being in a gay relationship.i’d b the lesbian,@markjeee wud b gay.=)
  • 13:04:30: Looking at clinic’s tv showing health show-they make d simple step look complicated & sophisticated.that to be healthy,u have to be a goat.
  • 13:06:50: Therefore i conclude,to make our future generation healthier, we should crossbreed with goats.
  • 13:08:06: Pero if i hav a choice, can i have a horse. Hardharhar
  • 13:30:05: 1hr+ of watching lifestyle network,kahilakon nako. Makamatay sa ka boring.bless d souls who enjoy this channel.
  • 15:54:27: Tae Yang – Baby, I’m Sorry i’m home now.everything will b alright, @realtaeyang =)
  • 16:28:44: @ryanandaya oooyyy. new phone. =)
  • 16:35:43: have a list of tasks to do but here i am listening to @realtaeyang’s music over and over and over agian.
  • 16:39:58: hay itunes, when will u let my dear Pilipinas kay ganda buy music from u.dontcha know,dollar earner kami noh! we can afford starbucks!
  • 16:56:18: Unfortunately,NO.=( does Japan hav their own sort of online music store? RT @J3SSL33 Really? You can’t buy music from iTunes?
  • 17:08:14: @marifaTWEETS pinakyaw mo na buong beauty salon =)
  • 17:50:11: @ThereseHabana but baby is a-owkei?
  • 17:51:31: Hi, baby! =) RT @ThereseHabana: – Baby at twenty weeks =)
  • 18:05:23: @YTeinamikhaelaa U hav the whole solar album? =)
  • 18:06:16: RT @tweetitow: Miss the 15k milestone:
  • 18:39:27: Cannot stand local news.why is vizconde case making news again?f it take this long for the moneyed to seek justice, forget abt the no-money.
  • 18:44:35: Lol. hindi ata tayo mahilig mag move on. =) RT @kimeh: owrange IKR! THe case is even older then me!!
  • 19:43:52: doing assignment w/ migi is really not bad as long as it’s math. reading/english/filipino are headache.
  • 19:54:46: my boys – 1’s studying,the other 1 is draining my batt.

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