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  • 00:56:31: RT @nickbilton: Amazon charges Kindle users for free public domain Project Gutenberg e-books: by @robpegoraro
  • 01:19:46: — want to borrow my stuff?
  • 01:47:58: Sarah Geronimo Phone from myphone — 1-Day Introductory Sale:
  • 02:16:14: merry Christmast!!!! december na!
  • 08:11:29: Kekiru kerokeropi. Good morning, asia. Merry christmas, north to south pole. All i want for christmas is @realtaeyang.
  • 08:12:43: Owww is symbian really dead?
  • 08:46:35: @xjbartz Why sad christmas?
  • 08:49:56: Will b off to tgu later.sayted for my kpop goodies. Pls prepare @karenei @fredbaa @supergoddess! =)
  • 09:12:08: @jodised_g2j2 When did u send ur last tweet? Anyhoo, can u pls try a test tweet now.let me know if it does not get posted.sorry bout d probs
  • 09:20:19: I will only like groupon idea f they will feature medicines,hospital/healthcare services,school tuition,housing,& other stuff w/ real value
  • 09:22:38: For now, groupon biz s just another way of making people spend. yaa, they might generate jobs.
  • 09:43:55: Grin department? RT @iamWALP: Peksman, mamatay man. Ika’y pakakasalan.
  • 09:44:46: @milky7me Mas feel ko pa rin ang bantay binata =)
  • 09:45:01: Woohoootyyy! RT @sjeanc911: Share the awesomeness!^_^
  • 09:45:49: RT @MrAlanCooper: RT @jnd1er: I blame universties 4 fostering narrow expertise, 4 separating engnrg frm social sciences, 4 not teaching …
  • 09:47:05: @mimi_herrera Aha ka work,mims? =)
  • 09:47:31: And wedding =) RT @khristianie: December naaaaaaa. Hapit na pasko :D weeeeee #fb
  • 09:48:20: @imregingabriel Wrong sent =)
  • 09:52:06: RT @garrytan: Video game creators hate social gaming: Real games are good like marathons, Farmville is bad like crack
  • 09:53:38: Depends on w/c part of d world u are.=) RT @joshtadena Symbian already died. :)
  • 09:55:23: @likke Nakagamit na ka’g johny air for shipping? Books na sya, try daw – free shipping.
  • 10:04:23: @fukurinalip shared them w/ u yesterday pa. kindly check. thanks
  • 10:52:31: Oww sad =( i’ll have @markjeee check ur acct.Will update u. RT @jodised_g2j2 I already did.. still it didnt appear…
  • 11:15:02: @likke nakasuway ko order sa – niabot man.ang johny air,naa sila website.mao na ginagamit namo for shipping frm amazon
  • 13:50:11: RT @chuckdreyfus: Guys! Drop by SM Megamall later to watch Sarah Geronimo & the major campaign launch of MyPhone @ 5pm. I composed the f …
  • 13:50:42: @chuckdreyfus wow. nice! =) di kayo mag promo here sa cebu? =)
  • 13:59:06: Matahum Nga Cebu feat. Various Artists THE MUSIC VIDEO [HQ]
  • 16:20:28: redirects to google apps. to — yay.big biz getting the yummy domain names
  • 18:02:32: @tweetbabysweet7 owkei lang mawala ang celphone.huwag lang ang lovelife =) u can reg ur new# at step.
  • 18:03:02: Sweet. Gisuksok niya iyang legs sa tunga2x sa 2 ka legs sa other girl. Hayst. #Sbuxlove
  • 18:21:10: Hoopppyyyy. Done writing what i need to write using a gtech & good old only problem now is if makasabot ba ko sa akong agi.
  • 21:15:02: The osmena country =)
  • 21:16:24: Doodles & coffee =)
  • 21:18:16: @ludy2244 Yes. I think so. Just know now. We’ll look into it.
  • 21:22:29: @cecilleannec Oo.didto ko ganiha. Aha ka ato dapit?
  • 21:24:27: @glowie_bfly The gateway for ‘receiving updates’ is down. But other gateways are fine.
  • 21:25:10: @iSamanthaQ Ow.what’s d error msg? maybe with ur mobile network?
  • 21:30:54: The litow worker bee RT @ThereseHabana: – Naay ga apil-apil hehe!
  • 21:35:54: Lol RT @iampeewee: Pulp Fiction. Nirvana. Plaid. NO Justin Bieber. #why90srocked
  • 21:36:30: @supergoddess27 How muchhh?
  • 22:11:35: @iSamanthaQ Huhu. Sorry,I dont know how to help u w/ that. might b w/ ur network,gprs signal maybe weak.or network congested.

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