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  • 08:39:10: maayong buntag, asia. Sorry @realtaeyang, wala ka ng chance sa akin. may boyfriend @markjeee na ako! =)
  • 08:44:14: @jodised_g2j2 @markjeee just checked. Kindly try to re-reg at The previous ones did not go thru. Thanks
  • 08:52:56: Should i go to dfa today or not?
  • 08:54:12: @jodised_g2j2 Yes. U can send it to any of d gateway #s, w/c u can find in @tweetitow’s profile page. pls do send a test. Then let me know.
  • 09:00:33: @kimeh I think dyan sa manila,u can make appt via online. But di pa sya available dito.
  • 09:01:33: @ariannechan passport pa tawn ako kuhaon. Bahaw na kaayo ni ako birth certificate.
  • 09:32:03: @ariannechan Sa Manila lang kato dfa branch mo process atong online appt. maghimo mi’g wedding dress 2 nga MV =)
  • 09:32:49: @supergoddess27 Sya ra man ang few real ‘lalake’ looking sa mga kpop. Ang uban kay mas babaye pa nako.
  • 09:35:32: @paologlim Facebook? hehe
  • 09:35:38: RT @paologlim: if you have any suggestions, problems, violent reactions for wheedly post it at
  • 09:36:09: Ako kay taeyang is crazy inlove with rose RT @karenei: i want to be different..i want to have a t-shirt that says, “Cebu L♥ves CHO” =)
  • 09:37:08: Sure.10 years frm now. Hehe RT @ThereseHabana: can i have at least half an hour, uninterrupted? =(
  • 09:38:52: @ariannechan Huhu. Naa kay taeyang mp3s???? paliton nakog credits. Lol
  • 09:46:18: @ariannechan Pwede kana tanan kpop nimo. Hehe. Suwayi daw sa noonii noonii =)
  • 09:55:32: @ariannechan later lang oy when u hav nothing else better to do. =) di pa man sad ko mamatay, nurse.
  • 10:02:07: If i won the lotto,i would buy myself apps and teams left&right.& since they’re moneyed,they’d be brats & wud b like a one-hitsong wonder.=)
  • 10:05:12: @ariannechan ang dropbox mura na sya local ‘folder’ install nimo,then u can just drag/copy ur files into access na nimo files anywhere
  • 10:10:28: RT @ericzoo: Just uploaded ‘Getting Jobs the Awesome Way’ to SlideShare.
  • 10:12:49: @iamempee Goodluck on ur report. =)
  • 10:16:51: @joshtadena But egg cholesterol is good cholesterol
  • 10:24:01: @xjbartz Aws.=( will credits make u’r christmas a bit merry? Haha =)
  • 10:47:51: @paologlim naa q ay -> @ecstaticviolet: owrange kanang wheedly, only in cebu? hahahah!
  • 11:06:42: @xjbartz sunod partner na ipapadala ko sa ‘yo =)
  • 12:17:19: @ariannechan weehhh. Share the folder to me. my email add is Huhu. Supeeerr thanks.
  • 12:22:26: I’m not really sold to this tshirt biz ala threadless but i saw an old friend who s in2 designing.i guess it’s a sign. =)
  • 12:27:59: @cladosky tigpalit ka sa mga local tshirt designers ba?
  • 12:29:46: @ariannechan Padung pa ko dfa.we’ll chek it when i’m back. super thanks =)
  • 12:35:39: @cladosky u visual design ba? =)
  • 13:47:04: What’s worse to people inserting in line? parents pushing their kids to cut line. Wtp.gibulbol na ng imong anak oy,ayaw na kuno na kuyugi.
  • 13:49:21: @glaizaT f it gets posted to twitter, then @tweetitow is’s selective tweets might b having probs.thanks
  • 14:47:42: @clnsnts kindly re-reg. Ur previous regstration did not go thru. Thanks
  • 14:48:28: @ariannechan naa ko nbi.kuwangan ko’g nbi. Hehe =)
  • 14:52:51: @ariannechan yep. =)kriminal ko. Hehe bitaw,i don’t hav an orig baptismal certificate.Mas dali man nbi kysa baptismal sa ako kuhaon.
  • 14:55:19: @clnsnts hav u tried sending a test tweet?if not,kindly do so to see if it gets posted.
  • 16:49:34: @ariannechan parehas ra man requirements.wa lang ko’y orig,wa sad ko TOR. hehe. got the kpop musics na.super thanks!kahilakon ko.
  • 16:54:45: omyyyy @ariannechan!!! u have wedding dress!!!!
  • 17:11:27: @clnsnts owww that’s so sad. will ask @markjeee to look into ur account again. so sorry abt that. =(
  • 17:23:33: i’m stuffed with kpop loves.thanks for my latest mp3s from @ariannechan. =)))
  • 17:29:04: i got item #69 =)) who likes some kpop love?
  • 17:36:14: I like this pic by @chrysiafranco #piclyf
  • 17:37:13: @HOTSPICYKIMCHI2 u have 2pm? =) hehe
  • 17:37:46: @lovelikelynne not really. naging ex ko lang si @realtaeyang. hehe kidding. yes,late bloomer ako sa kpop.
  • 18:04:58: OMO!! i just saw this on Tumblr…Baby Taeyang!!!! hahhahaha. made me laugh so hard! its a fangirl thing. =)) PicLyf –
  • 21:13:24: The ‘receive updates’ gateway was down earlier. @NeenaBanana
  • 21:18:28: @KSYtvpeeps10 no need for credits to send updates. =)
  • 22:16:48: Ey ow =) RT @dondizm: @twitchangel thanks.. owrange ^^
  • 22:20:15: i badly want to learn how to dwnload music.lisod mag explain ni @markjeee the kpop tunes i want to dl.So better do it myself. =)
  • 22:21:53: yay.what a name! RT @Asiajin: New blog post: El Shaddai – The Latest Japanese Internet Meme
  • 22:43:33: .RT @fredbaa: To all @wheedly users, you can now borrow books from @caresharing . Add @caresharing as friend: :)
  • 22:45:46: kaka gigil!!! =) RT @egarayblas: Baby Adventures #275: 9 months! How come it feels like 9 years? :)
  • 23:11:48: unsaon tong pagdownload music sa youtube? help, @thegirlette! super thanks. hehe
  • 23:14:07: @thegirlette dalia oy. super thanks!!! tagaan nya tika sa akong mga kpop songs. hehe

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